Drone Apps: DroneDe­ploy

Tips for Quad­copter Own­ers

The next item is a pro­gram that we did not want to include in the list. We want­ed to find pro­grams for drones where you are not lim­it­ed to one man­u­fac­tur­er. But DJI is a big mar­ket play­er and this soft­ware is real­ly cool, we could­n’t resist.

If you own a DJI Phan­tom 3 or lat­er, take a look at DroneDe­ploy as an alter­na­tive app to con­trol your air­craft.

The pro­gram offers advanced flight plan­ning and autonomous con­trol. Choose a direc­tion and watch your drone fly along the route. Col­li­sion avoid­ance cam­eras and more are sup­port­ed.

Down­load for DroneDe­ploy for iOS, DroneDe­ploy for Android.



By Yara