Introducing the DJI Ronin-SC

Intro­duc­ing the DJI Ronin-SC

Advanced hand­held design with smart fea­tures like object fol­low­ing

DJI today unveiled a com­pact ver­sion of the Ronin‑S called the Ronin-SC, a 3‑axis gim­bal designed for pop­u­lar mir­ror­less cam­eras. After over 10 years of expe­ri­ence in sta­bi­lized drone cam­eras and hand­held gim­bals, DJI intro­duces the Ronin-SC gim­bal. This device with a com­pact design is made of high qual­i­ty mate­ri­als with the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy. It opens up many cre­ative pos­si­bil­i­ties for pho­tog­ra­phers and video­g­ra­phers.

“Ronin-SC is the pow­er­ful tech­nol­o­gy of Ronin‑S in a com­pact form fac­tor,” said Senior Prod­uct Man­ag­er Paul Pan. “Users can now con­nect mir­ror­less cam­eras to a gim­bal with high per­for­mance fea­tures and tech­nol­o­gy that is eas­i­er to trans­port, install and use.”

Compact and lightweight for ease of use

Ronin-SC is a portable gim­bal with a weight of 1.1 kg, which makes it easy to take it with you on a trip. It is 41% lighter than the Ronin‑S and can be eas­i­ly dis­as­sem­bled to fit into a back­pack or case. The reduc­tion in weight of the gim­bal not only facil­i­tates easy trans­porta­tion, but also allows the oper­a­tor to use it for shoot­ing for a long time.

Rugged and intuitive design

Con­struct­ed from high qual­i­ty mate­ri­als such as mag­ne­sium, steel, alu­minum and com­pos­ite plas­tic, the Ronin-SC’s heavy duty con­struc­tion allows it to last for a long time in dai­ly use. Pow­er­ful first-class motors can han­dle loads up to 2 kg, and the bat­tery lasts up to 11 hours with­out recharg­ing. Based on feed­back from the Ronin‑S, we’ve added pan, tilt, and roll locks for easy cam­era bal­anc­ing and trans­port. In addi­tion to this, Ronin-SC is equipped with a new posi­tion lock­ing sys­tem. After bal­anc­ing, the oper­a­tor only needs a few sec­onds to set up the cam­era and start work­ing. This saves a lot of time while shoot­ing. Sim­i­lar to the Ronin‑S con­trols, users can con­trol the gim­bal’s move­ments with the joy­stick. With the M but­ton and lock but­ton, you can eas­i­ly change modes and set­tings.

Smart modes for limitless creative possibilities

Like all devices in the Ronin series, the Ronin-SC is equipped with intel­li­gent modes that appeal to cre­ators of all lev­els. The improved Ronin app allows you to cre­ate up to 3 user pro­files and store engine pow­er set­tings in them, as well as per­form a bal­ance check to make sure the cam­era is installed cor­rect­ly. A com­plete turn can be saved as a user pro­file in the app. For scenes with fast-mov­ing objects, sport mode can be eas­i­ly acti­vat­ed by hold­ing the M but­ton to increase the speed of the gim­bal’s response. The modes already famil­iar to Ronin‑S users have moved to Ronin-SC with new addi­tions: Force Mobile and Active­Track 3.0.

  • Force­Mo­bile:
    Like Force Pro, Force Mobile syn­chro­nizes the move­ment of your mobile device with the move­ments of the Ronin-SC gim­bal and cre­ates an immer­sive shoot­ing expe­ri­ence. With the new Blue­tooth 5.0 con­nec­tion, users can now con­trol the gim­bal from up to 24.9 meters away.
  • Active Track 3.0:
    Using a mobile device, Ronin-SC users can select a tar­get for the gim­bal to fol­low. The func­tion was devel­oped with the par­tic­i­pa­tion of machine learn­ing algo­rithms and opti­mized cal­cu­la­tions applied to the sil­hou­ette of a per­son.
    Sim­i­lar to Active­Track used in DJI drone tech­nol­o­gy and the Osmo series, Active­Track 3.0 sends infor­ma­tion to the Ronin-SC using a mobile phone cam­era pre­view. After installing the mobile phone with the hold­er on the hot shoe mount of the cam­era, you need to open the Ronin app and select the auto-fol­low object.
  • Vir­tu­al Joy­stick: Remote con­trol of the gim­bal, great for mount­ing the Ronin-SC on a tri­pod or mono­pod.
  • Time­lapse: Cre­ate time­laps­es, set inter­vals, clip dura­tions, and frames per sec­ond.
  • Dynam­ic time lapse: time lapse with an ele­ment of move­ment.
  • Motion Con­trol: Cre­ate motion paths by select­ing up to 10 points.
  • Panora­ma: Auto­mat­ic panora­ma cre­ation, with hor­i­zon­tal or ver­ti­cal ele­ments.

Wide range of com­pat­i­ble cam­eras and acces­sories

The Ronin-SC is designed to work seam­less­ly with estab­lished mir­ror­less cam­eras. Full com­pat­i­bil­i­ty list on the Ronin-SC page. The Ronin-SC is com­pat­i­ble with var­i­ous DJI acces­sories, such as the new light­weight focus motor, DJI Force Pro con­troller, DJI Mas­ter Wheels, and select third-par­ty acces­sories.


By Yara