Impres­sive videos are shot not only by DJI drones, but also by action cam­eras pro­duced by the com­pa­ny. The recent­ly intro­duced Osmo Action 3 action cam­era is a great proof of that. If you look at its main char­ac­ter­is­tics, it becomes clear why.

Photo and video

Osmo Action 3 records video in up to 4K res­o­lu­tion at 120 frames per sec­ond and a view­ing angle of up to 155 degrees. A built-in 1/1.7‑inch sen­sor and a wide ISO range of 100 to 12800 make it easy to shoot in low light.

A built-in algo­rithm adjusts white bal­ance and expo­sure for accu­rate col­or repro­duc­tion. D‑Cinelike col­or mode devel­oped by DJI engi­neers (to use it, you need to enable pro­fes­sion­al set­tings) allows you to achieve the max­i­mum rich­ness of details.

The cam­era can broad­cast live video over Wi-Fi. The footage is con­ve­nient­ly edit­ed in the pro­pri­etary DJI Mimo appli­ca­tion and in the Light­Cut video edi­tor offi­cial­ly rec­om­mend­ed by the man­u­fac­tur­er.

Design for adventure

The main dis­tin­guish­ing fea­ture of Osmo Action 3 is the pres­ence of two touch screens at once. They pro­vide quick set-up and expand the appli­ca­tion pos­si­bil­i­ties of the cam­era. Both the main 2.2‑inch and the front 1.4‑inch screens are made of super-strong Goril­la Glass and respond to press­ing even with wet hands.

DJI Osmo Action 3: Two Convenient Screens, Two Thoughtful Combo Sets

But the rest of the cam­era will not let adven­tur­ers down. With up to 160 min­utes of film­ing on a sin­gle bat­tery charge (1770 mAh capac­i­ty), Osmo Action 3 can with­stand tem­per­a­tures from ‑20 to +45 ° C, under­wa­ter div­ing to a depth of 16 meters and drops from a height of 1.5 m. And a sys­tem of three micro­phones records sound in stereo qual­i­ty and sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduces wind noise.

Embedded technologies

DJI prod­ucts are known for their high qual­i­ty image sta­bi­liza­tion. Osmo Action 3 is no excep­tion and is addi­tion­al­ly equipped with three dig­i­tal tech­nolo­gies that enhance the visu­al integri­ty of the pic­ture:

  • Rock­steady 3.0 — A smart algo­rithm effec­tive­ly elim­i­nates cam­era shake in all direc­tions. It works at any select­ed set­tings (includ­ing the max­i­mum res­o­lu­tion of 4K at 120 fps) and enhances the effect of pres­ence in videos shot by ath­letes and extreme sports­men.
  • Hori­zon­Steady — tech­nol­o­gy pro­vides a smooth pic­ture with a sta­ble hori­zon, despite sharp drops and 360 ° turns of the oper­a­tor.
  • Hori­zon­Bal­anc­ing is an option­al fea­ture that elim­i­nates tilt­ing of the hori­zon (at tilts of ±45°) and sup­ports shoot­ing in 4K at 60 fps. The video will remain clear even on a dif­fi­cult obsta­cle course.
DJI Osmo Action 3: Two Convenient Screens, Two Thoughtful Combo Sets


The action cam­era can be pur­chased as part of a basic or advanced kit. The basic Osmo Action 3 Stan­dard Com­bo includes the cam­era itself with one bat­tery, a mount­ing buck­le and a pro­tec­tive frame that sup­ports shoot­ing in both hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal for­mats. The extend­ed Osmo Action 3 Adven­ture Com­bo addi­tion­al­ly includes one addi­tion­al mount, two more bat­ter­ies (with a car­ry­ing case) and a retractable exten­sion arm, adjustable from 0.3 to 1.5 m.

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By Yara