DJI Mavic Air 2 – Unboxing and Key Features

DJI Mavic Air 2 - Unboxing and Key Features


It’s time to take your craft to the next level with Mavic Air 2. Empowering content creators, Mavic Air 2 features 48Mp photo capture, new SmartPhoto, 4K 60fps video, HDR support, FocusTrack and stays in the air for up to 34 minutes!

Mavic Air 2 Unboxing

This video will tell you the best about the contents of the box:

In the box



Remote Control


FlyMore Combo


Main functions

  • 10km 1080p video transmission
  • Flight time – 34 minutes
  • HDR
  • FocusTrack
  • 48MP photo and 4K/60fps video
  • 8K Hyperlapse

Camera Features

48MP photo
From mountains to sparkling reefs, Mavic Air 2 captures stunning photos with its 1/2-inch CMOS sensor featuring Quad Bayer technology. You can take stunning photos with a resolution of 48 megapixels.


Video 4K 60fps
Mavic Air 2 can capture exceptionally high-quality video at 4K/60fps, 2.7K/60fps, and 1080p/240fps. Thanks to the D-Cinelike profile, maximum information is stored for subsequent professional color correction.

HDR video

Thanks to the support of Quad Bayer technology, Mavic Air 2 has the ability to shoot HDR video. The new sensor architecture allows you to shoot a multi-layered image, retaining more detail and information about color and brightness.



Mavic Air 2 features a new SmartPhoto feature that combines HDR, HyperLight, and scene recognition to create great shots. HyperLight enhances low-light shots by combining multiple images and removing noise. Scene Recognition optimizes shooting settings based on preset scenes such as sunset, sky, grass, snow, or trees. HDR uses advanced algorithms to optimize the dynamic range of an image.

HDR Panorama
For those who prefer to create ultra-wide panoramas for social media intros and headers, Mavic Air 2 gives you the ability to capture panoramas with stunning detail and color.

This drone uses an updated 3-axis camera gimbal. Mavic Air 2 delivers cinematic fluidity even in windy conditions. This means that no matter what the conditions, you will be able to get smooth footage.

Cinematic footage

FocusTrack is an incredibly easy-to-use mode that gives you complete control over the scene you’re shooting.

Active Track 3.0
If you’re looking for a drone that will fly around you and shoot at the same time, the Mavic Air 2 is the way to go. While using ActiveTrack 3.0 it will avoid collisions. Using DJI’s best-in-class object tracking technology, you can even re-identify an object if it’s lost at high speed using an algorithm that predicts position.

Spotlight 2.0
This flight mode allows you to easily keep your subject in the center of the frame while flying. Just select an object and fly!

POI 3.0
Point of Interest 3.0 uses an advanced positioning system to automatically create a flight path around an object, locking onto a specific point in the frame. POI 3.0 can also track objects such as people, cars, boats, giving you more shooting options.

8K Hyperlapse
This is a great feature that allows you to capture large-scale scenes in high resolution while compressing time, allowing you to capture the transition from day to night, for example. No post-processing required, just select the desired mode from 4 different Hyperlapse options.


Just a few taps on the screen and thanks to QuickShots you will get amazing shots. Presets will help you reach a new level, along with music, special effects and filters. And with QuickShots Electronic Stabilization on Mavic Air 2, footage is even smoother and more stable.


Flight performance and safety

Mavic Air 2 combines safe flight and excellent performance to give you a wide range of aerial photography.

OcuSync 2.0
The new generation of OcuSync 2.0 allows you to receive an image from a drone at a distance of up to 10 km with a resolution of up to 1080p. What is received live can immediately be edited in the application and sent to social networks. The amount of interference is reduced due to the use of 2 bands and stream coding with H.265 codec.

Collision avoidance
For safe flight, Mavic Air 2 has front, rear and bottom sensors. In addition to them, there is a backlight on the bottom, which will ensure a safe landing in low light.

Advanced Pilot Assistance APAS 3.0

APAS uses technology to create maps of the surrounding space in difficult flight conditions. The collision avoidance system is currently the best of any DJI drone.

Two transmitter frequencies

Mavic Air 2 is ready for any adventure. In order to improve the resistance to interference in various environments, this drone uses a transmitter that supports 2 frequencies – 2.4 and 5.8GHz and automatic channel switching during flight.

Battery lifeand
With an upgraded powertrain, Mavic Air 2 lasts up to 34 minutes, so you don’t have to rush to get a good shot. Mavic Air 2 lasts much longer than the previous version of Mavic Air, giving you the ability to shoot more shots with more safety.

DJI Fly App
The new app has a simple interface for content creators. You can access camera settings, advanced features, and creative templates to help you create and share cinematic masterpieces.

Accessories will expand the possibilities of any user.

Remote Control
The remote control has an improved battery, ergonomic design for comfortable shooting. You can easily install various smartphones with the new clip, integrated antennas provide better performance.

ND filters
Mavic Air 2 has two sets of ND filters to help you get the right exposure. The ND16/64/256 kit comes with the Fly More Combo and works great in bright light conditions. The ND 4/8/32 set will help you create bright pictures with low ISO values.

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