DJI Manifold 2 Next Generation of Industrial Products

DJI Manifold 2 next generation of industrial products

DJI Manifold 2 next generation of industrial products

DJI Manifold 2 next generation of industrial products

Manifold 2 is the next generation ultra-compact drone supercomputer for DJI

DJI, the world leader in civilian drones and aerial photography equipment, has announced the Manifold 2, a next-generation ultra-compact supercomputer for DJI drones that powers aerial robotic platforms. With the added processing power of Manifold 2, users can run complex visual processing on board and get immediate results, as well as program automatic flight, object identification and obstacle avoidance.

“In collaboration with some of the industry’s leading chip companies, we are transforming DJI drones into smart flying robots that can perform complex computing tasks and perform advanced visual processing on the fly,” said Jean Gasparic, director of strategic partnerships at DJI . “Manifold 2 expands the possible applications of drones exponentially, in line with the demands of business, developers and researchers, allowing you to create more advanced robotic aerial solutions to approach the needs of any industry and solve problems.”

Manifold 2 delivers power for a variety of applications with a choice of AI based Intel® Core™ i7-8550U CPU or NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2. Both versions are compatible with DJI industrial drones, including the Matrice 210 and Matrice 600, and can be integrated with internal drone systems and sensors using the powerful DJI SDK, which enables open development along with the integration of software and hardware solutions into the DJI ecosystem. Each Manifold 2 includes USB, UART, CAN ports, allows you to combine multiple Manifold 2 processors and build customized air solutions for various industries.

“DJI Manifold 2 not only combines the computer vision and perception system and navigation features expressed in the patented AMROS™ system and Perceptive Navigation®, but also includes next-generation artificial intelligence, the hallmark of industrial inspection software and services. ,” says Ed Koch, CTO of Automodality, a leading company in the development of autonomous drone solutions.” “By enabling the drone to perceive and analyze in real time, Manifold 2 opens up new areas and possibilities and allows, for example, the Automodality-prepared DJI Matrice 210 to fly autonomously where no one has flown before. Locations where GPS is not available and important and sensitive data is stored.

Availability and Compatibility

  • DJI Manifold 2 is available for purchase through official DJI Enterprise dealers worldwide.

  • DJI Manifold 2 is compatible with the following DJI products: Matrice 210 Series, Matrice 600 Series, N3 Flight Controller, and A3 Flight Controller.

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