Connecting Two Controllers to DJI Mavic 2

Connecting two controllers to DJI Mavic 2

Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom supports dual controller mode, which allows two controllers to be connected to one aircraft.

Both remotes can control the aircraft’s orientation and camera tilt.

This is the difference between the functions of the first and second remote control.

  • Suspension control. Both the 1st and 2nd controllers can control the tilt of the gimbal, but the 1st controller has priority. For example, the second controller cannot control the tilt if the controller on the first controller is enabled. After control on the first remote control is completed, after 2 seconds or more, the second remote control will be able to access the gimbal control.
  • Control sticks. Both controllers – the first and second can control the copter using the control sticks. The first remote has priority. The second controller cannot control the aircraft when the control sticks of the main controller are engaged. After 2 seconds of inactivity of the sticks of the first remote control, the second remote control can access the control of the copter. If the control sticks of the first remote control are brought down and to the center, the motors will stop. The second remote cannot perform this operation. To control the copter from the second remote control, you need to release the control sticks on the first one.
  • Flight Mode Switch. The flight mode can only be switched on the main controller. The flight mode switch on the second remote is disabled.
  • DJI Go Settings 4. The display of settings and parameters on the first and second remote control is the same. The second has the ability to configure the flight controller, visual positioning system, video transmission and battery. The display in DJI Go 4 and setting options for the first and second remotes are the same.

It is important that your quadcopter and remotes have the latest firmware!

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