GePRC Cinebot30: cinewhoop new in analog and digital versions

Cinewhoop new from GePRC

Cinebot30 is the lat­est high qual­i­ty aero­dy­nam­ic cinewhoop drone from a renowned and respect­ed hob­by­ist com­po­nent and solu­tion devel­op­er. First of all, it is designed for dynam­ic and at the same time safe FPV shoot­ing through var­i­ous iter­a­tions of action cam­eras, most­ly of a light­weight type.

Accord­ing to the pre­sent­ed spec­i­fi­ca­tion, it is built on a car­bon frame with a diag­o­nal size of 30 cm, 3 mm thick. Over­all dimen­sions 18 x 18 cm. Based on the GEP-F722-45A AIO V2 flight con­troller based on the F7 proces­sor in tan­dem with a 45A ESC 4‑in‑1. The pow­er plant con­sists of four SpeedX2 1804 brush­less motors at 3450KV (for the 4S ver­sion) or 2450KV (6S) (option­al), work­ing in tan­dem with HQProp T76 props. Type of motor arrange­ment: push­er (Push­er; motors down). The device can be sup­plied either with­out a receiv­er (PNP kit) or with a pre-installed receiv­er to choose from: R‑XSR from FrSky, ExpressLRS 2.4 GHz, Cross­fire NanoRX from TBS.

cinewhoop new in analogue and digital versions

Key additions

  • The drone is equipped with a quick-release frame (only 6 screws need to be unscrewed for retro­fitting or replac­ing com­po­nents).
  • The device is made of high qual­i­ty mate­ri­als
  • FPV cam­era mount brack­et and fuse­lage stand are made of 7075 air­craft grade alu­minum alloy
  • The pro­peller guard is equipped with a built-in Cob LED light with the abil­i­ty to turn off
  • The gim­bal for mount­ing action cam­eras received a spe­cial­ly designed shock-absorb­ing sys­tem that ensures the com­plete absence of high-fre­quen­cy vibra­tions and the jel­ly effect.
  • The devel­op­er rec­om­mends a 4S bat­tery with a capac­i­ty of 1300 mAh or a 6S bat­tery with a capac­i­ty of 1100 mAh as a pow­er source. Depend­ing on the installed motors, the max­i­mum flight time can be from 6 to 12 min­utes.

cinewhoop new in analogue and digital versions


Cinebot30 is offered by the devel­op­er in ana­log and three dig­i­tal ver­sions:

  1. ana­log: includes Cad­dx Ratel 2 FPV cam­era and GePRC Rad 1W ana­log video trans­mit­ter oper­at­ing in the 5.8 GHz band with vari­able pow­er up to 1 W
  2. Vista Neb­u­la PRO: includes Cad­dx Neb­u­la Pro FPV cam­era and Vista FPV mod­ule
  3. Run­cam Link Wasp: includes FPV Cam­era Run­Cam Wasp and FPV Link Mod­ule
  4. walk­snail avatar: includes the Avatar Micro FPV cam­era and the Avatar FPV mod­ule, in tan­dem with the Peano 5.8 GHz anten­na

cinewhoop new in analogue and digital versions

Featured Action Cameras

The devel­op­er rec­om­mends the fol­low­ing action cam­eras for instal­la­tion on the cinewhoop Cinebot30 drone:

cinewhoop new in analogue and digital versions

What’s included?

The kit includes a stan­dard set of relat­ed com­po­nents:

cinewhoop new in analogue and digital versions

Availability and price

GePRC Cinebot30 is already avail­able for pur­chase both through offi­cial online stores and through var­i­ous Inter­net trad­ing plat­forms. The cost of the ana­log ver­sion of Cinebot30 in GePRC stores starts from $260. Dig­i­tal ver­sions start at $380 (exclud­ing ship­ping and tax­es).

cinewhoop new in analogue and digital versions


By Yara