Christmas Quadcopter-Egg With a Good Camera

Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera

JJRC H66: Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera
Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera


Every year, manufacturers of budget quadcopters are trying to attract the attention of the consumer with various innovations. They experiment on everything, from unusual design to various, not always relevant options. So JJRC, on the eve of the new year, decided to create something similar in the form factor of a Christmas egg. The JJRC H66 quadcopter is positioned primarily as a New Year’s unmanned gift, has an unusual folding design, a 2MP camera that allows you to record video in 720p quality, as well as an interesting type of remote control that has already been seen in previous models of the developer. If you still do not know what to give children for the new year, then the option presented in the review is worth paying attention to. By tradition, let’s start with the key features of an unusual drone.


  • Unusual design in the New Year theme
  • stackable beams
  • 2MP camera
  • First person flight (FPV)
  • Video recording in 1280×720p quality
  • One-handed drone control with G-controller
  • Phone/tablet control
  • Intuitive flight planning
  • Auto takeoff/landing
  • Altitude Hold
  • 3D flips
  • Headless Mode
  • 3 speed settings
  • Available in two colors: Red/Green
  • LED backlight

Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera


  1. Quadcopter JJRC H66
  2. G-controller
  3. Li-ion battery 3.7V 300mAh
  4. 4 × spare propellers
  5. Propeller removal key
  6. USB cable for drone charging
  7. Instruction

Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera







Red Green

Flight weight:

45 gr



Radio frequency:


Number of channels:


Height hold:



Photo: 2MP; Video: 1280×720p


collector type


3.7V 300mAh LiPo

Charging port:

Micro USB

Charging time:

about 50 min

Max. flight time:

6 min

Max. removal distance:



Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera

Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera

Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera

Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera


JJRC H66 is equipped with collector-type motors, the potential of which is enough to realize a stable exciting flight.

Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera


On board the JJRC H66 is a 2MP camera that allows you to take both photos and videos. Max. Video resolution: 1280 × 720p at 15 fps. All recorded material is stored on the resources of the smartphone / tablet. In general, for the UAV niche, the photo and video quality is satisfactory. If we compare the quality of shooting with the popular Xiaomi MiTu and Ryze Tello, then the H66 noticeably loses to them.

Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera


The first-person flight for the H66 is implemented using a Wi-Fi video transmitter working in tandem with a camera at a frequency of 2.4GHz. The real-time image from the drone’s camera can be displayed on a smartphone / tablet (IOS or Android) through the free mobile application “JJRC” in 720p quality. The signal transmission quality leaves much to be desired. The delay time is significant, and increases in direct proportion to the distance from the paired smartphone / tablet, so for a more or less comfortable FPV flight, it is recommended to fly within the line of sight.


Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera

The drone is powered by a built-in lithium-polymer single-can (1S / 3.7) battery with a capacity of 300mAh. According to the specification, the battery provides max. flight time 6 minutes. In practice, this time was no more than 5 minutes. The built-in type of power supply eliminates its replacement, which means that the next flight will be possible only after a 45-minute charge, which is actually a minus. The battery is charged using the included USB cable.


Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera

The JRC H66 quadcopter can be controlled in three ways:

  1. Smartphone/Tablet (IOS or Android) via “JJRC” mobile app
  2. G-controller
  3. G-controller + Smartphone/Tablet


Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera

At the heart of the built-in IMU sensor, allowing the pilot to control the drone with just one hand. The main joystick is responsible for lifting and lowering, as well as for rotating the drone around its axis. Flying forward, backward and lateral displacement is carried out by tilting the controller itself in the appropriate direction. The only thing that upsets is that the controller does not include in its design a holder for a smartphone with which it can work together. As a result, the gadget has to be held in a free hand, which significantly complicates the entire piloting process. The controller is powered by two AAA batteries/accumulators. Regardless of which way you drive, the distance will be about 30 meters (with the declared 50m).

Control via G-controller is a convenient and intuitive process, to adapt, the user will need no more than 2 minutes. This type of control is not a novelty, previously such quadcopters as Eachine E56 and JJRC H37 were equipped with a G-controller.

Intuitive flight planning

The mobile application allows you to take advantage of the so-called curved flight mode. All you have to do is launch the app, turn on the digital sticks (one)set the throttle stick to the center position (2)activate the mode (3). Then everything is simple, on the screen in the left field is the gas stick, the right field is for drawing a curve, according to which the drone will copy its trajectory. The mode requires skill, not recommended for use at home, at least for the first test flights.

Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera

Test Drive

The quality of the onboard camera for a budget nano drone deserves respect. Disappointed by the lack of the ability to change the battery. The design of the drone is not reliable. Very noisy for its tiny size, the sound is squeaky and piercing, which made starting indoors uncomfortable. Perhaps this is due to the fact that our copy was defective. A very unthought-out mechanism for snapping folding beams. In our opinion, over time, it will break very quickly, as a result, the blades will simply stop snapping into place and the drone will always be in the unfolded state. Fortunately, a special rubber ring was included in the kit, which allows you to fix the rays in the transport state. I was pleased with the flight potential, the quadric is quite dynamic, performing 3D flips from the side looks funny. The pilot has 3 modes of activity. Altitude hold by barometer, stable, beginners will appreciate. On the street, the H66 performs well only in calm weather. FPV flying is for informational purposes only.


The JJRC H66 quadcopter is sold through all known trading platforms at an average price of $20.

Christmas quadcopter-egg with a good camera


JJRC H66 $twenty




Flight time


flight qualities








Price quality



  • new year design
  • Compact (foldable arms)
  • stable flight
  • 3 activity modes
  • Auto takeoff/landing
  • Altitude Hold
  • G-controller (really convenient way to control)
  • Camera (video quality)
  • Price


  • First Person Flight (Signal Quality)
  • Removal distance
  • Noisy for its size
  • Non-durable locking mechanism

Nothing more than a fun unmanned nano proposal from a well-known developer of budget UAVs, shaped like a Christmas egg. The strengths of the JJRC H66 are its compactness, stable controlled flight, 3 activity modes, auto takeoff and landing function, altitude hold, G controller, which in practice turned out to be easier to control than with a smartphone, as well as video quality acceptable for a nano quad. The potential of the novelty will be appreciated exclusively by young users for the purpose of initial acquaintance with the UAV, or just for fun.


Video with JJRC H66 quadcopter.

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