Capture the Most Important Moments in 4K With the Smallest Camera With the DJI Pocket 2 Gimbal

Capture the most important moments in 4K with the smallest camera with the DJI Pocket 2 gimbal

Capture the most important moments in 4K with the smallest camera with the DJI Pocket 2 gimbal

Capture the most important moments in 4K with the smallest camera with the DJI Pocket 2 gimbal

Optimized features, improved image and sound quality, modular design: DJI Pocket 2 puts the magic in your hands.

Optimized features, improved image and sound quality, modular design: DJI Pocket 2 puts the magic in your hands.

October 20, 2020 DJI, a leading manufacturer of civilian drones and creative photo and video solutions, has set a new standard today with the introduction of the DJI Pocket 2, a highly advanced and portable stabilized mini camera. improved features. Content creators of all levels can easily capture amazing stories with it.
Capture the most important moments in 4K with the smallest camera with the DJI Pocket 2 gimbal

The DJI Osmo Pocket 2 is a camera with powerful performance in an extremely compact and lightweight body. You can take it with you every day in your pocket, backpack or purse. Despite its small size, Pocket 2 is packed with features. The 3-axis gimbal makes shooting smooth and visually appealing. With a 4K resolution camera, larger sensor and wider lens, the Pocket 2’s photo and video quality is better than its predecessor. Content creators can now get closer to the subject with the new zoom feature. The updated focusing system allows you to lock onto a moving subject and follow it faster and more accurately than ever before. The new and improved DJI Stereo Matrix audio system ensures high-quality and clear sound recording, while pre-programmed shooting modes allow anyone to create stunning footage with just a few taps.
Capture the most important moments in 4K with the smallest camera with the DJI Pocket 2 gimbal

DJI’s Pocket 2 features a modular design with a detachable base that allows you to connect other accessories to your camera for a variety of options. Like the Osmo Pocket, the stabilized Pocket 2 camera can be used in three ways: standalone, connected to a mobile device via a dedicated connector, or controlled remotely using wireless accessories.

“Since the release of DJI Osmo Pocket in November 2018, it has become a unique device and instantly changed the way we capture important moments in life,” said DJI President Roger Luo. “With Osmo Pocket 2, we are moving to a new level. Based on user feedback, we have raised the bar for camera performance while maintaining the iconic design and form factor.Pocket 2 features an updated audio system and even more features.Built-in smart features and a variety of video templates help you create high-quality immersive content, whether your everyday stories or creative vlogs Anyone can make videos, but with Pocket 2 you can do it like a pro, taking your stories to the next level.”

Small camera for big events

Pocket 2 by DJI fits easily into your pocket, making it the perfect companion whether you’re on an adventure or a long-awaited vacation. Weighing just 117g, Osmo Pocket 2 has up to 140 minutes of battery life to capture those special moments lightly.

  • With a larger 1/1.7-inch sensor, this camera captures high quality photos and videos.
  • The 20mm f/1.8 lens offers a wide field of view for cinematic shots, perfect for any landscape or vlogging.
  • High resolution photography is available in 16MP or 64MP.
  • The maximum video resolution is 4K/60fps with 100Mbps bitrate and stunning detail.
  • The HDR1 video feature has been added to bring vibrant colors to your footage.
  • DJI’s Pocket 2 features 8x zoom at 64MP or 4x lossless zoom at 1080p or 16MP to get you close to the subject without actually getting closer.
  • Hybrid AF 2.0 combines phase and contrast detection for increased speed and accuracy.

Full immersion in the moment

Not only have we drastically changed the quality of the footage, but we’ve also completely redesigned the audio system to match the sound to the picture. DJI’s new stereo matrix system consists of four microphones that have been specially positioned on the Pocket 2’s handle so that they are not obstructed by the hand. This system provides total immersion, as if you were in the moment of shooting.

Directional audio optimizes the recording of these microphones to preserve the finest details, and the audio tracking system adjusts the audio based on the direction of the camera. Audio zoom, on the other hand, focuses on the sound coming from the subject as the camera zooms in on it. To eliminate unwanted sounds in the background, you can activate wind noise reduction to get clear audio even when recording outdoors.

DJI Pocket 2 Smart Features Do the Job for You

Learning how to use the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 is super easy. High-tech modes help you capture those special moments flawlessly and quickly. Pocket 2 design and user interface updates include quick wake-up for instant shooting, drop protection for increased safety, and recording pause to quickly pause video while shooting. Intelligent Programmed Modes:

  • Pro Mode: Control advanced camera settings such as ISO, shutter speed, exposure value, and focus mode.
  • Active Track 3.0: Select an object and Pocket 2 will keep it in the frame.
  • Slow motion: Capture action scenes in 8x slow motion at 1080p resolution.
  • Timelapse, hyperlapse, dynamic timelapse: Speed ​​up the world around you by applying three different time-lapse effects. Hyperlapse automatically applies Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for smooth video. Users can save images individually, burn them in RAW format and use ActiveTrack 3.0.
  • panoramas:
    – 180°: Combine four shots to create scenic landscapes.
    – 3×3: Combining nine images for a wide and detailed view.
  • Live Stream: Cast videos directly to Facebook, YouTube or RTMP.
  • Story mode: Preset camera movements, color profiles and music – choose a template, capture the moment and instantly share to social networks.

New accessories and a dedicated mobile app to expand your creativity

We’ve designed a wide range of accessories to help content creators unlock the full potential of Pocket 2:

  • elegant battery case,
  • wireless microphone,
  • waterproof case,
  • reduced regulator,
  • monopod,
  • wide angle lens,
  • wireless module and smartphone support system.

The new modular design allows the bottom of the handle to be detached and replaced with accessories to expand the capabilities of Pocket DJI:

  • base for mounting a micro tripod,
  • multifunctional handle (Do-It-All Handle) with tripod base,
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules,
  • speaker,
  • 3.5mm audio jack and wireless microphone receiver.

DJI gives you everything you need to shoot high-quality, interesting, and meaningful videos, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced content creator.

Osmo Pocket is the first camera to use the DJI Mimo app. We continue this tradition by adding an intuitive interface, built-in features and more. Use the built-in editor to make changes to photos and videos, after which they will be ready for publication on social networks. The new AI editor gives you the ability to preview content, select special moments and create short videos. File management is made even easier with features such as group selection, which allows you to select, delete, or download multiple items at once.

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