Using Mavic Mini as a Portable Camera

using Mavic Mini as a portable camera

using Mavic Mini as a portable camera

In previous articles, we talked about the DJI Mavic Mini as a small and lightweight quadcopter for aerial photography. Why not look at it from a different angle? A creative person will find interesting ideas, even if he is in a room where there is little space for flights. Inspired by the content of the Drone Film Guide YouTube channel, DJI suggested six non-standard ways to use the drone for shooting not only in the air!

1. Stop Motion Technique

Mavic Mini is equipped with an excellent 2.7K video camera mounted on a 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal. This means that you can mount the drone on a tripod, choose a good background, take several photos of the subject in different parts of the room, and then use these frames for video editing in the original Stop Motion technique.

using Mavic Mini as a portable camera

2. Unusual angles

Mavic Mini is small and compact, weighing only 249 grams and with the arms folded it fits in the palm of your hand. This makes it a handy remote control camera and video camera that you can place in the most unusual places to get new angles.

using Mavic Mini as a portable camera

3. Magic effect of twins

Another idea came from the high precision of the three-axis stabilization, which ensures that the background is completely still. Film yourself in different parts of the room and doing different activities in the same lighting, then apply a little post-processing and editing and get an unusual video where several doubles will be in the same room with you.

using Mavic Mini as a portable camera

4. Timelapse

Shooting indoors gives you more room for creative expression than you might think. Shoot whatever you like – the sun rising over the horizon, a puppy playing, or you doing an interesting thing. All you need to do is find a suitable point, select the Timed Shot function in the DJI Fly app, set the manual exposure mode and the shooting interval. Simple and effective!

using Mavic Mini as a portable camera

5. HDR photo

The following tip is especially useful when you’re photographing indoors, as lighting can be tricky and uneven. What should I do if some parts of the frame are dark or overexposed? Place the Mavic Mini on a flat surface, take multiple shots with different manual exposure settings, and combine them into one image using the photo editor. The result will impress with a wide dynamic range and rendering of every detail!

using Mavic Mini as a portable camera

6. Panorama

It is not necessary to explain further how beautiful and spectacular a panorama shot by a skilled photographer can be. In this capacity, Mavic Mini can be used as a regular camera, but the result will be even better due to the stabilization of the camera. Fly the drone in a circle, take a series of shots and make sure they are stitched into one image, use the photo editor. A wide panorama is ready!

using Mavic Mini as a portable camera

The scope for creativity is limited only by your imagination

Mavic Mini is ultra-light, compact and portable, giving you the joy of creative expression in the air and on the ground, whether you’re outdoors or indoors! The lowest price in the Mavic line will be another reason to choose this drone as an affordable tool for creating bright and creative content!

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