Unusual Selfie Drone: AirSelfie 2

Unusual selfie drone: AirSelfie 2

I think many have had moments when they want to take a group photo, but it’s impossible for everyone to take a picture together – one will always stand with a camera and take pictures. Or when you are alone, all alone, you want to capture an interesting moment as a keepsake, but there is no one to ask to take a picture. In such cases, a special flying camera will come to the rescue.


  • Introduction: What is AirSelfie 2
  • Appearance of AirSelfie 2 and delivery set
  • Connecting, configuring, calibrating AirSelfie 2
  • Test flights
  • Photo-video files
  • Conclusion, conclusions and discount coupon

So let’s get started.

Introduction: What is AirSelfie 2

This is a compact pocket quadcopter in a metal case with special sensors to hold the position (and height), with a built-in 12MP camera, as well as special algorithms for tracking an object. Selfie drone AirSelfie 2 allows you to take a number of pictures, including group shots, shoot a video in any situation and in the most unusual poses.

This is a real pocket quadcopter in a durable aluminum case. Measuring just 98.5 x 71.2 x 13.6mm and weighing a modest 80g, the flight time is enough to capture a series of stills and short videos. Built-in memory 16 GB.

Selfie drone AirSelfie 2 will be a great gift for a child and an adult, selfie and Instagram lover, traveler or newlyweds!)


  • Camera 12 MP / 1080p
  • Weight 80 g
  • Built-in memory 16 GB
  • Flight height 20 meters
  • Housing material – aluminum
  • Flight time 5 minutes
  • Charging time 30 minutes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Intelligent Shooting System

Appearance of AirSelfie 2 and delivery set

The flying camera is a compact quadcopter powered by powerful brushless motors. Of course, powerful for their size and in comparison with small collectors. Protects the propellers with a durable aluminum housing. The camera is located in front, and below – an optical height sensor and an acoustic surface sensor.

The packaging is branded, thoughtful, carries a lot of information and a brief description. It’s not a shame to give such a present))) Inside, the device itself and the power bank case are laid in two layers.

12MP camera, directed forward (at the user).

Selfie drone AirSelfie 2 has a built-in system for precise positioning in space: a gyroscope, a barometer and an optical sensor. Based on the measurements of the sensor data, automation works, which greatly simplifies the control of the drone.

Detailed photos: marking, optical and acoustic sensors, power button, camera, propellers with b/c motors.

The case is a stylish protective case with built-in charging (10000mAh battery). This is both a transport function, protection against impacts and external influences on the drone, as well as additional hours of operation from the built-in battery.

Operation indication is provided (case charging, drone charging, case battery level). Please note that there is a power bank function for a smartphone

Case marking: the honest (full) capacity is 38.3Wh (the battery is 10080mAh at 3.8V) or in terms of 5V it is about 7000mAh. Inside there is a USB Type-C connector – for connecting to the drone.

Connecting, configuring, calibrating AirSelfie 2

To connect to a smartphone, download the AirSelfie2 application from the market / appstore

When you start the AirSelfie2 application, a splash screen is shown, then the application asks you to connect to the device. After connecting, you can select one of the modes (simple, medium, expert).

The connection is made via a Wi-Fi connection. We are looking for the AirSelfie2 network, the password is “12345678”.

The application has a tutorial on operation and configuration, as well as tips. There is a device settings menu with calibration presets (speed). Depending on the selected mode, the control can be more loyal and simple for novice users, as well as designed for experienced users.

You can control it as keys (in simple mode: up / down, left / right, forward / backward and turns), or a joystick / smartphone tilt. All modes are thought out, but you need to get used to the controls. For the first flights, I recommend trying it indoors or in a wind-sheltered space outdoors.

I draw your attention to the fact that the type of surface and possible interference affect the correctness of determining the height sensors.

I strongly recommend that you calibrate on a flat surface before the flight, and also fulfill the required conditions – you need to calibrate in such a way that the sensors are in the air (place a couple of boards).

Test flights

When choosing an angle for photographs, keep in mind that the camera has a viewing angle of about 80 ° and a downward tilt angle of 2 °: calculation for shots from a close distance (but not close), and at a low height ~ 1.5 … 2 m. Suitable for group shots. You can turn on video recording to move/rotate the camera to get a video panorama. There is stabilization when shooting video. The control distance and height are limited to 20 meters (so as not to fly away), and the Wi-Fi signal can weaken with distance. It’s better not to risk it.

Run from the palm of your hand

Unusual selfie drone: AirSelfie 2

The device maintains altitude using built-in sensors. Attention, in open spaces and in strong winds, the demolition of the quadric to the side is possible. Be careful. It is too small to fight strong gusts.

In the settings there is an intelligent control mode – for tracking moving objects. We capture someone (ourself, a child, etc.) in a frame, press the appropriate button. The drone starts to turn after the object.

We direct where necessary, take pictures (there is a timer, burst shooting), or make a video. We put him back on his hand: put his hand up, pressed the landing button.

Photo-video files

You can download it without any problems via a regular usb-c cable using a computer or laptop. In this case, the file system of the 16GB drive inside the drone becomes visible.

Well, or the same is available in the “Gallery” menu through the application and WiFi connection on the smartphone.

File Properties

Photo examples

Conclusion, conclusions and discount coupon

Quite an interesting device that you can really take with you in your pocket to any event. The manufacturer has minimized the various complexities associated with controlling the quadcopter to simple actions.

Starting and taking photos is literally 3-4 seconds, then you can put it back in your pocket. The charging case gives you a few extra flights and transport protection.

The flight time from one charge, taking into account photo and video shooting, is about 5 minutes. This is enough for a series of pictures and videos. Then the drone emits a sound signal (the application notifies about the discharge, the smartphone vibrates), you can land AirSelfie 2 and install it in the power bank case for charging. The capacity is enough for 12-15 charge cycles of the device. This is the best result among analogues. Full charge time for AirSelfie 2 is about 30 minutes.

By the way, it is possible to charge from any USB 5V power bank or from a USB 5V network charger (a USB Type-C cable is required).

Video presentation of AirSelfie 2

In any case, AirSelfie 2 is a good opportunity to get great pictures while traveling and on vacation. No need to ask anyone – just launch your pocket “camera” in a matter of seconds, and get great pictures. You can’t do that with a selfie stick. Yes, and group shots are successful: everyone is in the photo, no one was missed, no one walked away with a camera.

The AirSelfie 2 flying camera can be recommended to friends and family, and can be purchased as a gift to loved ones.

AirSelfie 2 advanced version with power bank case AirSelfie 2 without case

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