I think many have had moments when they want to take a group pho­to, but it’s impos­si­ble for every­one to take a pic­ture togeth­er — one will always stand with a cam­era and take pic­tures. Or when you are alone, all alone, you want to cap­ture an inter­est­ing moment as a keep­sake, but there is no one to ask to take a pic­ture. In such cas­es, a spe­cial fly­ing cam­era will come to the res­cue.


  • Intro­duc­tion: What is Air­Selfie 2
  • Appear­ance of Air­Selfie 2 and deliv­ery set
  • Con­nect­ing, con­fig­ur­ing, cal­i­brat­ing Air­Selfie 2
  • Test flights
  • Pho­to-video files
  • Con­clu­sion, con­clu­sions and dis­count coupon

So let’s get start­ed.

Introduction: What is AirSelfie 2

This is a com­pact pock­et quad­copter in a met­al case with spe­cial sen­sors for hold­ing posi­tion (and alti­tude), with a built-in 12MP cam­era, as well as spe­cial algo­rithms for track­ing an object. Self­ie drone Air­Selfie 2 allows you to take a num­ber of pic­tures, includ­ing group shots, shoot a video in any sit­u­a­tion and in the most unusu­al pos­es.

This is a real pock­et quad­copter in a durable alu­minum case. Mea­sur­ing just 98.5 x 71.2 x 13.6mm and weigh­ing a mod­est 80g, the flight time is enough to cap­ture a series of stills and short videos. Built-in mem­o­ry 16 GB.

Self­ie drone Air­Selfie 2 will be a great gift for both a child and an adult, a self­ie and Insta­gram lover, a trav­el­er or new­ly­weds!)


  • Cam­era 12 MP / 1080p
  • Weight 80 g
  • Built-in mem­o­ry 16 GB
  • Flight height 20 meters
  • Hous­ing mate­r­i­al — alu­minum
  • Flight time 5 min­utes
  • Charg­ing time 30 min­utes
  • Suit­able for indoor and out­door use
  • Intel­li­gent Shoot­ing Sys­tem

Appearance of AirSelfie 2 and delivery set

The fly­ing cam­era is a com­pact quad­copter pow­ered by pow­er­ful brush­less motors. Of course, pow­er­ful for their size and in com­par­i­son with small col­lec­tors. Pro­tects the pro­pellers with a durable alu­minum hous­ing. The cam­era is locat­ed in front, and below — an opti­cal height sen­sor and an acoustic sur­face sen­sor.

The pack­ag­ing is brand­ed, thought­ful, car­ries a lot of infor­ma­tion and a brief descrip­tion. It’s not a shame to give such a present))) Inside, the device itself and the pow­er bank case are laid in two lay­ers.

12MP cam­era, direct­ed for­ward (at the user).

Self­ie drone Air­Selfie 2 has a built-in sys­tem for pre­cise posi­tion­ing in space: a gyro­scope, a barom­e­ter and an opti­cal sen­sor. Based on the mea­sure­ments of the sen­sor data, automa­tion works, which great­ly sim­pli­fies the con­trol of the drone.

Detailed pho­tos: mark­ing, opti­cal and acoustic sen­sors, pow­er but­ton, cam­era, pro­pellers with b/c motors.

The case is a styl­ish pro­tec­tive case with built-in charg­ing (10000mAh bat­tery). This is both a trans­port func­tion, pro­tec­tion against impacts and exter­nal influ­ences on the drone, as well as addi­tion­al hours of oper­a­tion from the built-in bat­tery.

Oper­a­tion indi­ca­tion is pro­vid­ed (case charg­ing, drone charg­ing, case bat­tery lev­el). Please note that there is a pow­er bank func­tion for a smart­phone

Case mark­ing: the hon­est (full) capac­i­ty is 38.3Wh (the bat­tery is 10080mAh at 3.8V) or in terms of 5V it is about 7000mAh. Inside there is a USB Type‑C con­nec­tor — for con­nect­ing to the drone.

Connecting, configuring, calibrating AirSelfie 2

To con­nect to a smart­phone, down­load the AirSelfie2 appli­ca­tion from the mar­ket / app­store

When you start the AirSelfie2 appli­ca­tion, a splash screen is shown, then the appli­ca­tion asks you to con­nect to the device. After con­nect­ing, you can select one of the modes (sim­ple, medi­um, expert).

The con­nec­tion is made via a Wi-Fi con­nec­tion. We are look­ing for the AirSelfie2 net­work, the pass­word is “12345678”.

The appli­ca­tion has a tuto­r­i­al on oper­a­tion and con­fig­u­ra­tion, as well as tips. There is a device set­tings menu with cal­i­bra­tion pre­sets (speed). Depend­ing on the select­ed mode, the con­trol can be more loy­al and sim­ple for novice users, as well as designed for expe­ri­enced users.

You can con­trol it with keys (in sim­ple mode: up / down, left / right, for­ward / back­ward and turns), or with a joy­stick / tilt of the smart­phone. All modes are thought out, but you need to get used to the con­trols. For the first flights, I rec­om­mend try­ing it indoors or in a wind-shel­tered space out­doors.

I draw your atten­tion to the fact that the type of sur­face and pos­si­ble inter­fer­ence affect the cor­rect­ness of deter­min­ing the height sen­sors.

I strong­ly rec­om­mend that you cal­i­brate on a flat sur­face before the flight, and also ful­fill the required con­di­tions — you need to cal­i­brate in such a way that the sen­sors are in the air (place a cou­ple of boards).

Test flights

When choos­ing an angle for pho­tos, keep in mind that the cam­era has a view­ing angle of about 80 ° and a down­ward tilt angle of 2 °: cal­cu­la­tion for shots from a close dis­tance (but not close), and at a low height ~ 1.5 … 2 m. Suit­able for group shots. You can turn on video record­ing to move/rotate the cam­era to get a video panora­ma. There is sta­bi­liza­tion when shoot­ing video. The con­trol dis­tance and height are lim­it­ed to 20 meters (so as not to fly away), and the Wi-Fi sig­nal can weak­en with dis­tance. It’s bet­ter not to risk it.

Run from the palm of your hand

Unusual selfie drone: AirSelfie 2

The device main­tains alti­tude using built-in sen­sors. Atten­tion, in open spaces and in strong winds, the demo­li­tion of the quadric to the side is pos­si­ble. Be care­ful. It is too small to fight strong gusts.

In the set­tings there is an intel­li­gent con­trol mode — for track­ing mov­ing objects. We cap­ture some­one (our­self, a child, etc.) in a frame, press the appro­pri­ate but­ton. The drone starts to turn after the object.

We direct where nec­es­sary, take pic­tures (there is a timer, burst shoot­ing), or make a video. We put him back on his hand: put his hand up, pressed the land­ing but­ton.

Photo-video files

You can down­load it with­out any prob­lems via a reg­u­lar usb‑c cable using a com­put­er or lap­top. In this case, the file sys­tem of the 16GB dri­ve inside the drone becomes vis­i­ble.

Well, or the same is avail­able in the “Gallery” menu through the appli­ca­tion and WiFi con­nec­tion on the smart­phone.

File Properties

Photo examples

Conclusion, conclusions and discount coupon

Quite an inter­est­ing device that you can real­ly take with you in your pock­et to any event. The man­u­fac­tur­er has min­i­mized the var­i­ous com­plex­i­ties asso­ci­at­ed with con­trol­ling the quad­copter to sim­ple actions.

Start­ing and tak­ing pho­tos is lit­er­al­ly 3–4 sec­onds, then you can put it back in your pock­et. The charg­ing case gives you a few extra flights and trans­port pro­tec­tion.

The flight time from one charge, tak­ing into account pho­to and video shoot­ing, is about 5 min­utes. This is enough for a series of pic­tures and videos. Then the drone emits a sound sig­nal (the appli­ca­tion noti­fies about the dis­charge, the smart­phone vibrates), you can land Air­Selfie 2 and install it in the pow­er bank case for charg­ing. The capac­i­ty is enough for 12–15 charge cycles of the device. This is the best result among ana­logues. Full charge time for Air­Selfie 2 is about 30 min­utes.

By the way, it is pos­si­ble to charge from any USB 5V pow­er bank or from a USB 5V net­work charg­er (a USB Type‑C cable is required).

Video presentation of AirSelfie 2

In any case, Air­Selfie 2 is a good oppor­tu­ni­ty to get great pic­tures while trav­el­ing and on vaca­tion. No need to ask any­one — just launch your pock­et “cam­era” in a mat­ter of sec­onds, and get great pic­tures. You can’t do that with a self­ie stick. Yes, and group shots are suc­cess­ful: every­one is in the pho­to, no one was missed, no one walked away with a cam­era.

The Air­Selfie 2 fly­ing cam­era can be rec­om­mend­ed to friends and rel­a­tives, and can be pur­chased as a gift to loved ones.

Air­Selfie 2 is now avail­able with 10% dis­count pro­mo code: self­ie (plus a coupon of 500r for reg­is­tra­tion).

Air­Selfie 2 advanced ver­sion with pow­er bank case Air­Selfie 2 with­out case


By Yara