Unpacking and Inspecting the DJI Smart Controller for the First Time

Unpacking and Inspecting the DJI Smart Controller for the First Time

Unpacking and Inspecting the DJI Smart Controller for the First Time

If you have not used the DJI Smart Controller personally, you will never understand how convenient it is to use it to control a drone. You no longer need to spend time installing your smartphone in the controller mount. Now there is no need to look at the screen, which is difficult to see something on a bright day. Forget about the mass of unpleasant situations that happened to you before the advent of DJI Smart Controller. The device has a built-in ultra-bright screen, the battery capacity allows you to control the drone for a long time without interruption. A successful design solution made the management process as simple and comfortable as possible. But let’s talk about all the benefits in order.


1. Unpacking

The device is packed in a branded box. There is also a set of spare sticks, brief instructions, charging and a USB cable. If you need to read the full version of the manual – it can be viewed on the main page of the controller in the “Files” folder.

The package includes:

  • DJI Smart Controller;
  • a set of spare sticks;
  • charger;
  • USB cable;
  • brief instructions for management.

Unpacking and Inspecting the DJI Smart Controller for the First Time


2. Characteristics of the controller

Surely, many people had situations when they urgently needed to get the controller to instantly launch the drone into the sky. After all, when there is a really amazing place to shoot, seconds count. And the fuss with the installation of fasteners greatly slows down the whole process.

With the DJI Smart Controller, connecting to the drone takes less than 50 seconds.

The screen of the device has a size of five and a half inches. The display brightness is 1000 nits. The indicators are similar to CrystalSky. This display enables high-quality control of the drone on sunny days. From now on, you can not use an additional visor for the screen of the device, because the image will remain clear and bright even under the influence of sunlight.

Another very important detail is the temperature regime of the controller. The device is able to withstand extreme conditions. After all, sometimes there are situations when a drone flight has to be canceled due to heat or cold, because in such weather the smartphone can simply stop working. The controller will cope with temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees.

The battery life is two and a half hours. In previous models of the controller, the performance was significantly lower. And there was no hope for a smartphone battery.

Unpacking and Inspecting the DJI Smart Controller for the First Time

3. Device dimensions

The unit is the same size as the standard Mavic 2 remote controller with a paired smartphone. The sticks are mounted near the center of the controller. This made it possible to improve the management process and make it more comfortable. The display is located at the bottom of the device, as in the previous model.

Unpacking and Inspecting the DJI Smart Controller for the First Time

4. Device compatibility

The Smart Controller works with OcuSync 2.0. Accordingly, the device is compatible with Mavic 2 series drones (Pro, Zoom and Enterprise). However, the device is not designed to work with the Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, or Spark.

Technological development involves the gradual replacement of older versions of devices with more advanced analogues. Scientific progress is constantly moving forward.

Unpacking and Inspecting the DJI Smart Controller for the First Time

5. GoShare and Apps

DJI Smart Controller has a wide range of functions that will greatly expand your options when piloting a quadcopter. At the top of the device there is a special slot for using a microSD memory card. Thanks to it, you will significantly expand the memory of the controller to store more footage. Also, a flash drive will simplify the process of transferring data to a computer. With an HDMI output similar to the Phantom 4 Pro+, the user can start streaming the image from the device to the monitor.

The new GoShare app allows you to instantly transfer information from your device to your spartphone for further editing and sending to the Internet.

A new SkyTalk application will soon be launched, which will become a convenient tool for bloggers and aerial photography enthusiasts.

Unpacking and Inspecting the DJI Smart Controller for the First Time

6. Who should buy this device?

The DJI Smart Controller is an accessory designed for filming. It greatly facilitates the work of employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in situations where rescue operations are complicated by severe weather conditions. Remember, once you try new high quality hardware, you will no longer be able to work with other devices.

Unpacking and Inspecting the DJI Smart Controller for the First Time

7. Questions and answers

We have collected 14 of the most common questions about the new controller that are published on the Internet and provided answers to them.

1) What does the manufacturer mean by the term “ultra-bright” screen. What is the difference between it and the usual one?

Thanks to the increased brightness, the image remains bright and clear even on a bright day. Therefore, the device is an excellent option for daytime work on the street.

2) What portals does this device have?

The device is equipped with several ports, including HDMI, microSD, USB-C, USB-A. These ports are convenient to use both for transferring information, broadcasting videos and photos, and for expanding the base memory of the device.

3) Does the Smart Controller have an additional speaker and microphone?

Yes there is.

4) How can I adjust the screen brightness? Is this done automatically by the device or manually?

The controller itself adjusts the brightness of the display, but this can also be done manually.

5) Does the DJI Smart Controller work via Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth?

Yes, the device can be connected in this way.

6) Are there buttons on the device remote control that can be further configured?

No, on the Smart Controller, all buttons do the basic work.

7) How to properly update the device and all applications that are installed on it?

In order to update the controller system, you need to connect the device to the Internet. All apps will update at the same time.

8) What should I do when the signal strength is too low to transmit material?

If you are sure that at the moment there is no interference for work, adjust the antennas of the device.

9) How can I transfer footage from the device?

Here you can use a memory card or the Go Share application, which transfers information. You can also connect the controller to a computer and select the “file transfer” function.

10) What is SRE?

This function works to automatically adjust the screen brightness. So you can see the picture clearly even on a bright day.

11) What is the difference between using the DJI GO 4 app from a DJI Smart Controller and a smartphone?

This application was originally built into the remote control and is designed to work with the Smart Controller. The program is automatically updated every time the device is connected to the Internet.

12) Is it allowed to download third-party programs and applications to the device?

Yes, this is possible thanks to working with the Internet using a basic browser. Also, the application can be installed through the APK file recorded on the memory card. However, if the device is harmed due to the use of an unlicensed program or application, the manufacturer is not responsible for this.

13) Does the device have a fast charging mode?

Yes, this mode works through QC2.0. A special port is located at the bottom of the device.

14) What is the functionality of microSD and its slot?

Through the use of a memory card, the user can expand the base memory capacity of the device. It also greatly simplifies the mechanism for transferring files to a computer. With the DJI Smart Controller app, you can view all of your footage.


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