TOP 5 Best DJI Quadcopters

TOP 5 best DJI quadcopters

A drone is not just a toy. These gadgets help create multimedia content, they are useful for delivering goods, and some devices can even be used for agricultural purposes. But what is the best drone to buy? There is only one global answer – from DJI. This company has become famous thanks to the excellent aircraft it creates for any need.

TOP 5 best DJI quadcopters

This article is a rating of 5 company drones that will surprise you with their characteristics and capabilities. The top 5 includes gadgets tailored for different purposes. An overview of the key features of the devices of this brand will help you understand which option is intended for what.

DJI Agras MG-1

The model was created not so much for entertainment as for practical use in the fields, so it is the best fit for summer residents. It has nozzles designed to spray pesticides and fertilizers. No more manual gardening!

TOP 5 best DJI quadcopters

6 Attractive Quadcopter Qualities:

  1. Agras MG-1 is the best assistant in pest control. The 4 nozzles under the motor spray liquid 40-60 times faster than manual spraying.
  2. Saves more than just time. The DJI drone doesn’t waste a lot of money: the amount of liquid is controlled by the speed of the flight, so the fertilizer is sprayed evenly.
  3. Smart and reliable. The device remembers the route and knows where it stopped: its owner does not have to walk across the field to resume the work of the drone – the quadcopter will fly there by itself.
  4. Convenient to control: a remote control is attached to the device.
  5. Withstands a lot of weight – a 10-kilogram container can be attached to the drone.
  6. Handles a lot – up to 10 acres per hour.

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DJI Spark Alpine

The miniature version with automatic flight modes will delight you with an excellent camera and stabilization function. In addition to the quality of shooting and the lack of image shaking in the video, the device has something to please. Otherwise, it simply would not be included in the ranking of the best.

TOP 5 best DJI quadcopters

7 main advantages:

  1. Spark is one of the simplest models in terms of control: you can control the drone not only from the remote control, but also using gestures.
  2. The drone is the best suited for beginners: through a special application with a bunch of filters, you can edit videos in no time.
  3. Super-clear shots always: thanks to the two-axis mechanical stabilizer, supplemented by electronic, the picture will not be blurred. The 12-megapixel FHD camera delivers excellent detail and richness.
  4. Fast: able to accelerate to 50 km / h.
  5. Smart: “understands the commands” of the owner at a distance of up to two kilometers.
  6. Long-playing: the battery lasts for 16 minutes of flight.
  7. Gives the feeling of flying to the owner – the device is compatible with branded Goggles glasses.

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DJI Phantom 4 PRO

In addition to amateur and industrial devices, DJI creates models for professional aerial photography. This option is just that. It is the best suited for recording videos from the height at which birds fly.

TOP 5 best DJI quadcopters

Top five features of the model:

  1. Shoots like a pro. The drone is equipped with a decent 20 MP camera that shoots 4K video at 60 fps – the picture will not shake.
  2. The Phantom 4 PRO easily avoids obstacles by detecting them in five directions: nothing will take the quadcopter by surprise.
  3. It flies for a long time: the drone’s battery allows it to take photos and videos for the owner for half an hour.
  4. It is not difficult to control a drone, and most importantly, it can be done at a great distance: it “hears” the owner, even if it is seven kilometers away from him.
  5. It’s not scary to leave the top device unattended: you can simply set the trajectory and the quadcopter will not deviate from the course without a command. In addition, the owner of the device will be able to rotate the camera in this mode as he pleases.

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DJI Phantom 4 Advanced

One of the best aircraft in the ranking, designed for professional aerial photography. The device will help you get an unforgettable experience both from the process of creating a video and from watching it.

TOP 5 best DJI quadcopters

DJI Mavic Pro

The device belongs to the amateur, but its skills are impressive. It flies far and quietly. That is why the drone entered the top five best models of the company. The compact quadcopter will also please with its design.

TOP 5 best DJI quadcopters

Why was ranked:

  • The top model transmits an FHD signal at a distance of up to seven kilometers. Need higher video quality? The device can easily cope with this: it shoots even in 4K. Of course, the gadget also photographs perfectly. You have to thank the 12-megapixel camera for that.
  • Excellent maneuverability. The device senses obstacles even if they are within 15 meters of it: the drone will either stop or simply fly around the obstacle.
  • DJI Mavic Pro flies for a long time: its battery lasts almost half an hour. During this time, the quadrocopter is able to fly 13 kilometers.
  • Perfectly orientated in open areas by satellites. In more difficult conditions, it is enough for him to set the route.


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Any of the drones of this brand, included in the top five, will please you with convenient controls and a long-lasting battery. For beginners, the Spark series models are ideal. They shoot good quality videos, and they are also the easiest to manage. Such a quadrocopter understands the owner’s gestures. The Mavic Pro won’t let you down either. For professional photography, Phantom series devices are suitable. And for household needs – Agras MG-1 with sprayers. This drone will help you quickly fertilize plants and deal with pests.

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