The Eagle Attacked and Stole the Drone DJI MAVIC

The eagle attacked and stole the drone DJI MAVIC

Today, one of the owners of the DJI MAVIC drone posted a video showing how an eagle attacked the aircraft and took it away in an unknown direction. The case, of course, is curious, but the person was left without a drone, and most likely without the possibility of recovering its cost under warranty.

The eagle attacked and stole the drone DJI MAVIC

The video itself can be viewed here:

The video shows the drone flying over the mountains. Taking a panorama. At one point, a blow occurs, the drone first dangles and flickers, and then you can see how an eagle wing appears in the corner of the frame, which takes the drone in an unknown direction. As a result, the connection with the drone was interrupted, and given the terrain. Finding it is not possible. All that remains with the author is a partial video recording stored in the phone’s memory, and control equipment.

Here’s what the creator of the video says:

Hi people. Flying quietly in the Norwegian mountains over the weekend, an eagle wrested my drone from me. Not just attacked, but dragged away to no one knows where. It’s good that at least some of the entries in the phone’s cache have been preserved.

As the saying goes, “if you lose a drone, then like this !!”

The eagle attacked and stole the drone DJI MAVIC

It remains to wish the author good luck, and hope that his drone warranty covers theft by raptors.

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