The Drone of Zala Aero Group Covered 1,130 Km as Part of a Test Flight.

The drone of Zala Aero Group covered 1,130 km as part of a test flight.

The ZALA AERO group of companies, part of the Kalashnikov Concern JSC, announced the completion of the Izhevsk-Yoshkar-Ola-Izhevsk test flight. The flight time was more than 12 hours and the ZALA 421-16E5G hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) covered a distance of more than 1130 kilometers.

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In flight, a technique was worked out for the simultaneous use of the apparatus by two detachments with a new communication, control and relay system implemented at over-the-horizon control points located in different regions of the country. In this system, the operators of the complex are located at a distance of up to 500 kilometers from the launch site.

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Visual navigation systems (VNS) and AIVI intelligent processing systems were also tested.

ANS does not depend on satellite navigation and is implemented in a closed control loop, which allows the aircraft to fly in complete radio silence, performing its task even if the signal from the control post is lost. According to the manufacturer, this system proved to be more accurate than the inertial navigation system.

The AIVI system is designed in a passive mode to provide automatic detection and recognition of objects, with visibility of the entire lower hemisphere.

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