Ronin-SC vs. Ronin-S. Model Comparison

Ronin-SC vs. Ronin-S.  Model comparison

The Ronin-S stabilizer is a convenient and functional tool for working with SLR cameras. Now the manufacturer has released the Ronin-SC model, adapted for the use of mirrorless cameras. The models are similar in many ways, which causes confusion among buyers, which model is more appropriate to buy. A comparative test of stabilizers will help answer this question.


The Ronin-SC model is characterized by high functionality, stylish design and three-dimensional camera stabilization. Not surprisingly, the device attracted the attention of professionals.

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Both models in question are easily disassembled, which simplifies their movement. For Ronin-SC, the gross weight is only 1.1 kg, allowing it to be easily carried by a person over long distances without any physical effort. The overall dimensions of the stabilizer allow you to fit it in a regular backpack or case.

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When disassembling, the gimbal axis settings are saved, so the user does not have to worry about the need for a new balance setting each time before use.

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Camera Compatibility

The degree of compatibility with cameras is one of the main characteristics when choosing a stabilizer. The Ronin-SC is only designed to work with mirrorless models weighing less than 2kg. Against this background, Ronin-S looks more advantageous, having a high level of versatility and the ability to work with both types of cameras.


The list of cameras that Ronin-SC works with is shown below.






a7 Series

















Due to the ability to lock the axes, the Ronin-SC user has the opportunity to set up in the shortest possible time. A plus is the presence of a quick-release platform. With its help, the operator gains access to various preset positions.

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Both models of stabilizers have the following features:

  • Panorama. The expanded field of view provides more coverage in the frame.


  • Timelapse, Motionlance. Options designed to display the passage of time in a cinematic style.

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  • Sports mode. Designed to organize the shooting of dynamically moving objects, holding them securely in the frame, and creating opportunities for various transitions.

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Advanced Features of Ronin-SC

  • Activetrack 3.0. Among all members of the Ronin family, the Ronin-SC was the first to receive ActiveTrack 3.0 support. This technology allows, by additionally mounting a smartphone on a tripod (on top of the camera), to optimize tracking of the subject. The technology provides for the implementation of the possibility of choosing a device and shooting objects in motion.

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  • force mobile. This position control function has appeared relatively recently, and allows you to organize it using a smartphone, confidently and clearly leading the camera on the stabilizer.

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After comparing the two models, it is advisable to present the obtained parameters in a tabular form for a more convenient comparison.



The weight

1.1 kg

1.84 kg

Tested load

2 kg

3.6 kg




Max. working hours

11 o’clock

12 o’clock

Charging time

2h 30min (without fast charge)

Controlled steering angles

  • Pan axis: 360° unlimited (In “Roll 360 mode”)

  • Tilt axis: +180° to -90° (upper mode), +90° to -135° (lower mode and flashlight mode)

  • Roll axis: ±30°, 360° unlimited

Max. turning speed

All axes: 180°/s

All axes: 360°/s

Lower Mode



flash light mode




Bluetooth 5.0; USB-C

Bluetooth 4.0; USB-C


Model selection

For those who use large lens cameras and often face the need to work in difficult conditions, the Ronin-S gimbal will make more sense.

What to choose: Osmo Pocket or Osmo Mobile 2?

For owners of SLR cameras that generate their own content, Ronin-S is an attribute of successful work.


For those who prefer to work while traveling, move around a lot and need ease of movement in the first place, the Ronin-SC is the best choice. Wedding photographers, bloggers who are used to constantly shooting on the move and using mirrorless cameras will appreciate the possibilities of the new stabilizer.


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