How to create a depth effect in an aerial photograph


General issues


Which smartphones can be used with the stabilizer?

Osmo will work with almost all mod­ern smart­phones. How­ev­er, it should be not­ed that over­ly large cas­es, as well as the pres­ence of a but­ton on the side of the phone, can adverse­ly affect device com­pat­i­bil­i­ty. Osmo is com­pat­i­ble with cel­lu­lar devices that are 62–88mm wide and 9.5mm thick.


Is it possible to change the position of the smartphone if you use a stabilizer?

Just press the M but­ton twice and you can instant­ly switch between land­scape and por­trait modes. And if you press the “trig­ger” three times, you can quick­ly switch between the front and rear cam­eras.


Can Osmo Mobile 3 recognize gestures?

The sta­bi­liz­er sup­ports this func­tion. You must use the DJI Mimo app to enable the fea­ture. To date, the sta­bi­liz­er is able to rec­og­nize the palm and the V‑sign.


How do I enable the ActiveTrack 3.0 feature?

There are three easy ways to enable this fea­ture:

1. Man­u­al­ly through the appli­ca­tion;

2. Set the func­tion to turn on by press­ing the “trig­ger”;

3. Set the func­tion to be acti­vat­ed using ges­tures.


How to create a depth effect in an aerial photograph


What are the dimensions of the stabilizer?

The dimen­sions of the device in fold­ing form are only 157x130x46 mm. The sta­bi­liz­er weighs only 405 grams. Thus, the device can be tak­en with you on a trip or on a reg­u­lar walk. The sta­bi­liz­er will not take up much space.


How to create a depth effect in an aerial photograph


What will be the resolution of the videos?

The default res­o­lu­tion is 720p. Nat­u­ral­ly, you can change the res­o­lu­tion at any time if you want. It should be under­stood that the res­o­lu­tion of the video record­ing will depend on the cam­era of your mobile device.



What are the modes for tak­ing pho­tos in the appli­ca­tion?

There are sev­er­al modes, each of which has its own advan­tages:

1. Time­lapse;

2. motion lapse;

3. Panoram­ic shoot­ing;

In addi­tion, in the appli­ca­tion, you can use the Glam­or Effects option, which will auto­mat­i­cal­ly retouch every­thing.

The Sto­ry Mode fea­ture will allow you to cre­ate unique short videos. You can apply dif­fer­ent fil­ters and music to the footage, mak­ing the video real­ly beau­ti­ful and unusu­al.


How to create a depth effect in an aerial photograph




How long will the battery last? How long will it take to charge the battery?

The max­i­mum bat­tery life is 15 hours. The bat­tery can be ful­ly charged in just 2.5 hours.


Does the stabilizer have removable batteries?

No, these bat­ter­ies are not pro­vid­ed in the device. How­ev­er, if you use a pow­er bank, you can charge the sta­bi­liz­er while it is run­ning.


Is it possible to charge a cell phone with a stabilizer?

There is such a pos­si­bil­i­ty. On the right side of the han­dle you will find a USB port that allows you to charge your smart­phone.


How to create a depth effect in an aerial photograph




Is it possible to connect more than one device to the stabilizer at once?

There is no such pos­si­bil­i­ty. If you want to con­nect anoth­er device to the sta­bi­liz­er, you must first dis­con­nect your cell phone from it.


How is the stabilizer connected to the smartphone?

Blue­tooth 5.0 is used to con­nect a cel­lu­lar device to the gim­bal. It con­sumes the min­i­mum amount of ener­gy.


How to create a depth effect in an aerial photograph



Is it possible to install external lenses on a cell phone camera using the Osmo stabilizer?

There is such a pos­si­bil­i­ty. You should under­stand that the lens­es will affect the bal­ance of the sta­bi­liz­er. We strong­ly advise against using large and heavy lens­es.


What are the dimensions of the mounting thread? Are all Osmo base holders compatible with the stabilizer?

The fas­ten­er has a ¼ inch thread. Thus, you can use the entire set of equip­ment to take high-qual­i­ty and beau­ti­ful shots of any­thing you want.

As for com­pat­i­bil­i­ty, it is worth not­ing that not all Osmo equip­ment is com­pat­i­ble with this sta­bi­liz­er mod­el.


How to create a depth effect in an aerial photograph


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