Spring is here and I want to spend more time out­doors. And to make the walk with the chil­dren even more inter­est­ing, I sug­gest dri­ving two all-wheel dri­ve radio-con­trolled cars Hiper drift rac­ing. With just one look, they will attract the atten­tion of oth­ers, and light and sound effects will add smiles to the faces of chil­dren. One of the key fea­tures to look out for is all-wheel dri­ve with Meca­ni­um wheels.

nice lure on wheels Ilonanice lure on wheels Ilona


  • Spec­i­fi­ca­tions
  • Pack­ag­ing and equip­ment
  • Appear­ance
  • Demon­stra­tion of work
  • find­ings
  • mod­el — HCT-0004;
  • oper­at­ing range of the con­trol pan­el — up to 35 meters;
  • capac­i­ty and type of bat­tery for instal­la­tion in the machine — Li-Ion 500 mAh;
  • oper­at­ing time from a full charge of the bat­tery — up to 25 min­utes;
  • bat­tery charg­ing time — 120 min­utes;
  • machine size — 60 * 100 * 210;
  • scale of cars — 1:24;
  • max­i­mum speed — up to 10 km / h;
  • addi­tion­al fea­tures — Mecanum omni­di­rec­tion­al roller wheels, 360-degree rota­tion, all-wheel dri­ve of the machine.
Packaging and equipment

Already from one box there is a desire to quick­ly unpack and start the machines. After all, juicy col­or­ful images of super­cars con­tribute to this. The man­u­fac­tur­er addi­tion­al­ly high­light­ed the main fea­tures, such as four-wheel dri­ve Mecanum roller wheels, sound and light addi­tions. And what is impor­tant, the bat­ter­ies for the machines are already includ­ed in the pack­age.

For the con­ve­nience of mov­ing the card­board box, a plas­tic han­dle is pro­vid­ed at the top. On the side ends there are tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tions and oper­at­ing warn­ings. Every­thing is in Russ­ian.

Inside the machine, con­trol pan­els and bags with bat­ter­ies, charg­ers and a screw­driv­er are fixed on a card­board back­ing. Which, by the way, is also made in a sporty style and adds con­fi­dence to the gam­ing prop­er­ties of cars. Before use, be sure to read the instruc­tion man­u­al, as there you can find out about the bat­tery charge and con­trol from the remote con­trol. By the way, to remove the machines and con­trol pan­els, you can use the sup­plied screw­driv­er.

Charg­ing cables are designed to charge one bat­tery, which is not very con­ve­nient, but they are com­plete­ly inter­change­able. Dur­ing charg­ing, there is an LED indi­ca­tion, so do not miss the moment of a ful­ly charged bat­tery while heat­ing is insignif­i­cant.

Bat­ter­ies Li-ion 14500 with a capac­i­ty of 500 mAh. Although with minor mod­i­fi­ca­tions, 18650 with a larg­er capac­i­ty can fit into the bat­tery com­part­ment of the machine. The capac­i­ty of the com­plete bat­tery is enough for a full 20 min­utes of dri­ving at medi­um speeds, but if you add sound and light effects, the dura­tion may decrease.

The con­trol pan­els dif­fer in col­or, respec­tive­ly, by which it is pos­si­ble to deter­mine which machine it belongs to. The size of the case is most like­ly intend­ed for a child’s hand, although it was con­ve­nient for me to hold it.

The remotes are real­ly minia­ture, but thanks to the plas­tic inserts, the total area increas­es, so it is quite con­ve­nient to hold them. On the upper part there are slid­ing sticks (the left one is respon­si­ble for mov­ing for­ward and back­ward, and the right one for turns). Between them is an indi­ca­tor LED and but­tons for acti­vat­ing sound, back­light and demo mode. Addi­tion­al but­tons are locat­ed at the top and are respon­si­ble for mov­ing side­ways to the left or right. Despite the fact that the anten­na is built-in, the range, as shown by mea­sure­ments, reach­es 25–30 meters, and then it is quite dif­fi­cult to dis­tin­guish the sil­hou­ettes of cars.

Acti­vat­ing the sound allows you to ful­ly immerse your­self in the noise of the engine, and the sound is dif­fer­ent when the car is sta­tion­ary and in motion. The effect is best observed on babies, as they are com­plete­ly delight­ed.

The demo mode allows you to ful­ly unlock the poten­tial of the car, but it is bet­ter to run it in a large area free from obsta­cles, as the car per­forms var­i­ous move­ments and tricks.

On the bot­tom there is a switch for acti­vat­ing the remote con­trol and a com­part­ment for installing 2 bat­ter­ies, which are not includ­ed in the pack­age and must be pur­chased sep­a­rate­ly. After installing the bat­ter­ies, be sure to lock the cov­er to pro­tect against acci­den­tal play­ful chil­dren’s hands.

nice lure on wheels Ilonanice lure on wheels Ilona

The cars are made in the style of sports super­cars with a stream­lined sports body, and by their appear­ance you can eas­i­ly iden­ti­fy rec­og­niz­able sil­hou­ettes of famous car brands in them. Despite the fact that this is a kit, the man­u­fac­tur­er decid­ed to please adult kids and made cars with dif­fer­ent cas­es. The col­or­ing con­tains ele­ments to match the col­or of the remote con­trol, so you will not con­fuse their belong­ing. The cas­es are reli­able and strong, and even if they acci­den­tal­ly fall from a height, as prac­tice has shown, they will not suf­fer.

nice lure on wheels Ilonanice lure on wheels Ilona

Each car has a large panoram­ic roof that acts as a back­light, in addi­tion, the head­lights are also back­lit. And if the head­lights have a sta­t­ic back­light, then the panoram­ic roof shim­mers smooth­ly in RGB col­ors. To save the charge, it can be turned off by the cor­re­spond­ing but­ton on the con­trol pan­el.

nice lure on wheels Ilonanice lure on wheels Ilona

The detail­ing is real­ly impres­sive, although there are no mov­ing parts on the cars, except for the wheels. The wide air intakes in the front are very mas­sive, which gives a rather men­ac­ing look.

There are no back­light ele­ments on the back side, but bumpers with good detail make their own adjust­ments.

The red car has a more attrac­tive look, as the paint has metal­lic ele­ments. At the same time, all ele­ments and inscrip­tions are applied with paint, not stick­ers. From the ends you can see a mas­sive eye-catch­ing arch­es with air intakes. The clear lines of the doors are vis­i­ble.

The move­ment is car­ried out due to Ilon’s roller wheels or a roller-car­ry­ing wheel, which allows you to move in any direc­tion with­out turn­ing the car. Each roller has a rub­ber coat­ing that increas­es grip with the road sur­face. If you look close­ly, you can see that there are smudges on the wheels and arch­es. They appeared from the applied liq­uid lubri­cant. Each wheel is held on a plas­tic hex axle.

The wheels do not slide on smooth sur­faces due to the rub­ber coat­ing, but the clear­ance is small, so you can for­get about the mud mix­er, and there is no mois­ture pro­tec­tion.

If any­one has not yet encoun­tered this type of wheels, you will be pleas­ant­ly sur­prised by their capa­bil­i­ties. Due to the struc­ture, they allow you to move in any direc­tion and even diag­o­nal­ly with­out turn­ing the body or turn­ing the wheels.

On the bot­tom you can see a small stick­er, a switch to acti­vate the machine and a com­part­ment for installing the bat­tery. I already men­tioned above that most like­ly even an increased capac­i­ty 18650 bat­tery will fit in it. A com­plete 14500 with 500 mAh is enough for 15–20 min­utes of fun rides. In the aggre­gate, there is enough speed, and the machine trav­els up to 10 km per hour.

Of course, the clear­ance is small, so oper­a­tion involves dri­ving on smooth sur­faces, but the machine can eas­i­ly slip through paving slabs.

Demonstration of work

Man­age­ment is sim­ple and the child fig­ured out in a cou­ple of min­utes. Con­sid­er­ing that he has already dri­ven a pre­vi­ous­ly radio-con­trolled car. Of course, Mecanum spe­cif­ic roller wheels make their own adjust­ments.

The start is instant and the car starts mov­ing even with a slight spin of the wheels on the main sur­face. While dri­ving, small obsta­cles are not a hin­drance.


Radio-con­trolled cars Hiper Drift Rac­ing have a num­ber of advan­tages over oth­ers. For exam­ple, there are 2 of them in the kit at once, and they also have all-wheel dri­ve with Ilona roller wheels, sound and light accom­pa­ni­ment, and a beau­ti­ful appear­ance of sports super­cars. The sup­plied bat­ter­ies are enough for long rides, but you will need to pur­chase bat­ter­ies for the remote con­trol.

The dis­ad­van­tages include only a small clear­ance and the lack of mois­ture pro­tec­tion.


By Yara