MJX X104G Budget Quadcopter Review With GPS FPV Camera

MJX X104G budget quadcopter review with GPS FPV camera

Hi all. I had an inexpensive MJX X104G quadcopter on my hands for about a month, and just recently I just managed to fly it. And the reason for this is a rainy summer!

This budget quadcopter with a camera will primarily be of interest to beginners. Experienced pilots will get bored with this drone.

The drone is delivered in a large box, which shows the main features of the X104G:

  • availability of GPS
  • FPV flights
  • camera on board
  • return home
  • follow me mode
  • waypoint mode
  • POI mode

The kit comes with an instruction in English and a manual for a quick start, but even a beginner will figure it out perfectly without all this.

We also have a smartphone mount, a screwdriver, four legs and the same number of spare propellers, which are fixed on the screws from the same bag.

Flight time on a single charge is 12 minutes. There are different configurations of this quadcopter, but I have two batteries in the box. These are single-cell power supplies with a capacity of 1500mAh. Charges each in 2-2.5 hours. The charger is connected via a USB connector, so the charging speed cannot be accelerated.

The control equipment is powered by 4 AA batteries. I use PKCell batteries which have proven themselves over time.

The remote control of the quadcopter is standard like the rest of the MJX models. At the bottom there is a small screen where you can see the distance and altitude, the number of satellites, the battery level of the quadcopter and equipment. Above the screen on the right is a switch that is responsible for the level of gas consumption: fast and slow. Since this model has brushed motors, it makes sense to always fly at the High level. Above is a button that is responsible for photos and videos, and next to it is a return home button. On the opposite side is a button to start and stop the motors, and near it takeoff and landing. At the end of the console are two folding antennas.

The quadcopter itself is charcoal. It does not provide screw protection. On the top is the on/off button.

On the underside, under four milk diffusers, there are LEDs. During flight, the front lights up red and the rear lights up yellow. When the battery is discharged up to 50%, the LEDs start blinking red. On the breech of the MJX X104G quadrocopter there is a slot for installing a memory card. The camera records video to it or directly to the smartphone’s memory through the proprietary MJX GPS application, which is downloaded from the Appstore or Google Play.

In front, under the LED, there is a camera that shoots like 1080. It is clear that the picture is the best, but it gives an idea where to fly and what is on the screen. You can’t hang your camera on your belly, because the legs are short and the motors are collectors – it will be hard for them.

Starting the MJX X104G quadcopter is very simple. The equipment is turned on, and then the quadcopter. After a beep sounds – the quadcopter and the control panel are attached. Then we perform the calibration of the quadrocopter. We twist a couple of circles horizontally, and when the backlight changes, we twist a couple of circles vertically until the backlight stops blinking. Then we put it on the ground or launch it from the hand. Press the engine start button and the gas stick up or the takeoff button. In the latter version, the quadcopter takes off somewhere at 1.5-2m and freezes. It does not fly fast, because there are no BC motors here.

Quadcopter flight, Follow me mode, POI flyby and video from the camera can be viewed in the video below. From myself, I note that the flight time on a single charge is 11 minutes and about 9 minutes with video shooting. When the connection is lost, the quadcopter flies to the last point where there was a signal. The return home mode on the button works. The maximum flight distance is about 500 meters, but at 250 meters the picture starts to tear. In the MJX GPS application, as standard, you can select the Follow me mode, set the radius around the point of interest, 3D mode for the box glasses. When I selected the Flight by waypoints mode, the map of the area was not displayed for me, and without it it is dangerous to fly. The backlight is barely visible during the day. Of the pluses, I will note an affordable price for a quadcopter with GPS and perfectly keeps the point in the air, even when you shove it with your finger. If you are looking for a quadcopter with a camera for a beginner with the ability to fly FPV and need GPS, then I advise you to look at other models from this manufacturer on BC motors, because you won’t be able to frolic on the MJX X104G.

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