Leica Geosystems Introduced a 3D Terrain Model Scanner for the Boston Dynamics Spot

Leica Geosystems introduced a 3D terrain model scanner for the Boston Dynamics Spot

Leica has announced a 3D terrain modeler that combines the Boston Dynamics Spot flexible mobile robot with the Leica RTC360 3D laser scanner. This setup greatly reduces scanning time for operators. Because it requires minimal user control, it improves scanning efficiency, productivity, and flexibility when scheduling surveying tasks.

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Professionals in many industries such as construction, manufacturing, facilities management, public safety, defense, media and entertainment, or any other industry that requires offline scanning can benefit from such installations, especially in locations that need to be scanned multiple times for any changes.

Eachine E58 Quadcopter ReviewEachine E58 Quadcopter Review
Leica RTC360

When installed on Spot, the VIS Leica RTC360 uses five cameras to track the movement of the scanner within the scan area. The VIS system provides highly accurate and automated pre-registration in the field to streamline the 3D modeling process. During a scan, the user only needs to initiate each scan remotely with a mobile device while the Spot and RTC360 move along the programmed route.

This enables users to expedite routine documentation tasks and collect data accurately, quickly, and frequently. It also automatically aggregates scan data from station to station because it knows its location in space. The result is a point cloud of the entire scanned space, which greatly simplifies the final processing of data in the office.

Eachine E58 Quadcopter ReviewEachine E58 Quadcopter Review
Point cloud at 3d scanning

“Giving access to RTC360 and VIS technologies is a big step forward in providing autonomous surveying solutions,” said Thomas Harring, CEO of Leica Geosystems. “Customers benefit from the convenient combination of both devices. Our relationships with leading technology experts enable us to accelerate the adoption of these technologies, meeting the growing need for building process automation and 3D scanning accuracy.”

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