Kawasaki’s Bex Goat Robot for Hauling and Rough Terrain Unveiled

Kawasaki's Bex goat robot for hauling and rough terrain unveiled

It seems that the Boston Dynamics robot has a more functional competitor, and if the American company has the Spot robot dog, then Kawasaki has the Bex robot goat. The robot is officially presented at the RoboDEX 2022 International Exhibition in Japan.

When creating a robot, manufacturers were inspired by the alpine ibex Capra ibex, which is able to move over rough and mountainous terrain with steep slopes. Therefore, the robot has a program, and the design itself implies overcoming rough terrain. But when the Bex robot hits a plain with a smooth road, it transforms and moves on wheels mounted in its knees.

Kawasaki's Bex goat robot for hauling and rough terrain unveiled

Despite the uncertain gait, the Bex goat robot is able to carry any load up to 100 kg, and it can even be a person. At the same time, the robot can be controlled by the person himself or in automatic mode according to the programmed program. During the transportation of a person, a small saddle and levers are provided that act as reins.

The main purpose of the robot from Kawasaki is movement in industrial areas and over rough terrain. The BEX robot can seriously compete with the Spot robops, as it has a greater carrying capacity and range.

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