DJI OM4. Introducing the New Stabilizer for Mobile Devices

DJI OM4. Introducing the new stabilizer for mobile devices
DJI OM4DJI introduces a new line of stabilizers for smartphones Osmo Mobile. The OM4 is a groundbreaking foldable device with a magnetic grip, gesture control and a host of features such as ActiveTrack 3.0 to help even the novice user create unique content with cinematic effects. We invite you to get to know the DJI OM4 and its features better!

What will we see in the box?

Contents of delivery

Together with the device, the package includes a magnetic holder with a ring for attaching a smartphone to OM4 and other metal surfaces, as well as a removable magnetic clip. The tripod stand allows you to install the stabilizer on the surface and use it as a tripod. In addition, you will find an OM4 neck strap, a charging cable and a carrying and storage case in the box.

Main characteristics

    • Weight: 390g (without smartphone);
    • Dimensions: 276 x 119.6 x 103.6 mm (when shooting), 163 x 99.5 x 46.5 mm (when folded);
    • Continuous operation time: up to 15 hours (with perfect balance of the mobile device).

Key Features

Magnetic mount

The OM4 comes standard with a magnetic ring holder and an ultra-thin magnetic clip. All you need to start shooting is to install the selected mount on your mobile device. If someone calls you during the process, remove your smartphone, accept the call, and after the call ends, return to the creative process.

Magnetic mount

Foldable and compact design

In a traveler’s backpack, there is not always free space for an electronic steadicam, but the OM4 is an exception to the rule. Thanks to its foldable design, the OM4 takes up little space and is ready to use whenever there is an interesting scene to shoot. A new partner in hiking and mountain climbing is always with you!

OM4 in a backpack

Dynamic zoom

The unique Hollywood-style effect (also known as the “Hitchcock effect”), used for example in dance videos, is now available not only to professional cameramen, but to every amateur. In the post-processing process, the DJI Mimo app will transform the captured video in a few clicks, the viewers of your channel will be delighted!

Dynamic zoom

Gesture control

Welcome to the future: now you can ask the camera to take a photo or video! When the whole family is together, or you are having fun with friends, hardly anyone wants to be distracted from the holiday and take on the work of an operator. Specify with a gesture which function you want to activate, the OM4 artificial intelligence will do the rest for you.

Gesture control

Active Track 3.0

If you agree in advance on the plot of the video, then with a certain skill, you can confidently keep a person in the frame. What about when you are filming an active child or playing with a pet? The ActiveTrack 3.0 auto-tracking feature has been redesigned to better recognize children, adults and animals and will be indispensable for family picnics, dog playgrounds and spontaneous fast-moving shots.

active track

Clone Me

If you are an active city dweller, then you have probably dreamed of being in several places at the same time. The CloneMe feature will help you make that dream come true. Install the OM4 on the included tripod, do activities and take a series of photos, the DJI Mimo app will put them together in one frame with your “twins”!

Frame with

Story mode

Do you want to share your impressions of a walk around the city or a cultural event without wasting time? Apply one of the story templates and get edited and processed video, ready to share on social networks.

Shooting history

The modes and effects listed are just some of the modes available to DJI OM4 users!

Should you buy the DJI OM4?

The OM4 is a great choice for those who want to shoot high-quality stabilized video, but are not ready to spend money on expensive and bulky professional equipment. The foldable stabilizer allows everyone to take the quality of amateur shooting to a whole new level without unnecessary difficulties. The device cannot be compared to a conventional selfie stick: in addition to 3-axis stabilization, it has many smart features and modes to help you unleash your creativity.

If you want more than just a gyro stabilizer for your favorite iPhone or Android device, but also a new creative expression tool that opens the door to the world of artistic photography with professional effects, look no further than OM4! Doubt? Below we will look at a few examples.

Who will appreciate the DJI OM4?

Families with children

In the cycle of family life, it is difficult to find a free moment for creativity, but I want to save precious moments in order to return to them again. The standby mode will allow you to pause, be distracted by everyday worries and return to shooting at any time. With ActiveTrack 3.0, the device will follow your games with children and pets without operator intervention.

In the family

Couples in love

Spend time alone with your other half, create romantic video clips in the DJI Mimo app, and share happy moments spent together with your followers.

On a romantic date

Video bloggers

With simple setup and one-handed operation, DJI OM4 will help you tell your followers about your eventful life, while the DynamicZoom cinematic effect will make your blog original and recognizable.

Filming a cooking show


The new gimbal is small enough to fit in your carry-on or backpack, while features such as time-lapse and hyper-apse show you all the action of a long trip or excursion in minutes.

Schoolchildren and students

OM4 will be equally useful when creating a school project and at a summer camp. The QuickRoll feature allows you to easily switch between vertical and horizontal video orientations, while the Slow Motion mode helps you highlight key moments.

Professional Journalists

In order for a report to be read or watched, it can be important to be ahead of others in the thick of things and get ahead of competitors in the speed of publishing material. When there is no time and opportunity to take all the shooting equipment and cameraman with you, as well as return to the office during the working day, a portable stabilizer comes to the rescue. Compatibility with smartphones on iOS and Android platforms will allow you to use one device with your colleagues, regardless of brand preferences.

Accessories for OM4

Tripod stand

Additional stability, especially needed for shooting time-lapses and hyperlapses, is achieved by using the included tripod stand when placed on a flat surface. This feature will no doubt be appreciated by every video blogger and content creator!

OM4 in tripod mode

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions

How long does DJI OM4 take to charge?

2.5 hours using a 10 watt charger.

What mobile app is being used?

DJI Mimo.

Where can I download the OM4 app?

Follow this link!

Create magical moments

Capture the brightest moments in a fundamentally new quality and add effects from the world of big cinema to amateur videos! DJI OM4 is a turnkey solution for artistic and reportage shooting using artificial intelligence and sharing footage on social networks.

Osmo Mobile 4

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