“Gray” or “white” DJI

"Gray" or "white" DJI

What to choose: Osmo Pocket or Osmo Mobile 2?

In the modern world, there are not only official stores selling quadcopters, but also gray sellers. Let’s see what the difference is, as well as how to get a quality drone.



What to choose: Osmo Pocket or Osmo Mobile 2?

What do we look at first when we choose any product? Of course, we pay attention to its price. If it turns out to buy a product cheaper, then we are happy to grab this opportunity and order it. That’s just the low cost of products does not mean that you are buying a quality product.


Of course, the official store will always have a higher price, since in order to import products into the territory of the World, you need to pay value added tax (VAT), customs fees, duty on a certain range of goods, model certification, delivery and other important nuances. No adequate seller will work at a loss.

If you saw a quadrocopter cheaper than other sellers, then you need to think about what the store could save on? It might backfire on you. Just imagine the challenges you might face when requesting warranty repairs or finding parts for your favorite drone. It’s not worth the risk.

And the official representative will always have a service center available, which you can contact if you have problems using the copters.


Service center

What to choose: Osmo Pocket or Osmo Mobile 2?

The official representative selling drones always has a service center staffed by qualified employees. Such employees regularly attend refresher courses. They work only with modern equipment and reliable tools. It is here that you will be able to qualitatively repair a broken quadrocopter or an accessory to it. All parts are already in stock, so you won’t have to wait long for your device to be returned.


If we talk about the guarantee, then gray stores in the event of a defective product often make a decision not in favor of the buyer. As for the official representative, the employees of such a store will try to help the client with all their might. If the specialists simply cannot fix the quadcopter by the deadline, then they return the money for the goods or issue another drone.


By the way, there are companies that deceive customers that they have a service center. However, you can easily check the availability of a SC if you go to the company’s website. You can call the number listed on the site to make sure the service center is available. If the company does not have an SC, then it is better to find another store.



What to choose: Osmo Pocket or Osmo Mobile 2?

An authorized dealer is ready to offer a one-year warranty, which will help you avoid costs if you suddenly come across a defective product. If the seller does not provide a guarantee, then it is likely that such a store is not an official representative. It is better to avoid shopping in such a store, otherwise problems may arise in the future.



As soon as you have the box with the quadcopter in your hands, you should immediately check the availability of the charger. The kit should not include any adapters. If you found an adapter in the box, then you have purchased a gray drone. If you have the opportunity, then immediately refuse to buy this copter.



What to choose: Osmo Pocket or Osmo Mobile 2?

Unofficial stores try to save money in every possible way, so they easily offer customers refurbished devices, passing them off as new devices. It’s very easy to overlook this. If you don’t want to be fooled, then take a close look at the rear box of the quadcopter. There you will find a barcode and a serial number. If you see that the fifth letter from the end is an “S” or “R”, then you have stumbled upon a restored drone. Don’t buy this drone.


Area code

If you carefully examined the drone and did not find any signs that there is a gray quadrocopter in front of you, then do not rush to rejoice and buy the device. Again, pay attention to the back of the box, and find the region of delivery – it is in brackets after the model name. If you found the letters CN there, then this means that the drone cannot be sold on the territory of the World. An official quad will have EU on the back.



Now you can easily distinguish the official representative from the gray dealer. We strongly recommend that you purchase drones only in official stores. This will help you avoid unnecessary costs.


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