Eachine E58 Quadcopter Review

Eachine E58 Quadcopter Review

Today we will review the drone from the manufacturer Eachine – E58.



Eachine E58 Quadcopter Review

The set includes two pairs of additional blades, as well as protection for the propellers. The only downside is the lack of a secure case for transportation.

The instruction is multilingual (of the most understandable language – English) and detailed.


flight time: 10 minutes
charging time: 90 minutes
frequency: 2.4GHz
remote control batteries: 3 AA
remote control radius: 150 meters
photo resolution: 4096×2160
video resolution: 1920×1080 (25fps)
image transmission radius: 50-80 meters

Eachine E58 Quadcopter Review

The body of the drone and the remote control are made of plastic.

The drone and remote control are compact and can easily fit into a small pocket/compartment of a backpack.

Eachine E58 Quadcopter Review

The drone has a backlight that can glow or blink (cannot be turned off).

The remote control runs on 3 AA batteries.

The maximum size of a smartphone that fits in the holder is 5.5 inches (my Xiaomi Mi Max 3 did not fit, unlike Asus Zenfone 4).

The drone can be controlled by both the remote control and the smartphone in the Eachine TEC app (connecting to the drone via Wi-Fi). Also in the application, you can start / stop shooting a video and take a photo (the remote control does not have such functionality).

Application screenshots:

When the drone is launched, it automatically rises to a height of about 1.5 meters. Landing is also automatic and is carried out by pressing one button (after landing, the rotation of the propellers stops). There is also an emergency shutdown mode for the propellers (you can see its operation in the video review from 1:59).

There is an auto return mode, the meaning of which is for the drone to automatically return to the remote control and land at a distance of about 3 meters. In fact, this function does not work, the drone just flies to no one knows where.

Eachine E58 Quadcopter Review

In general, the drone is well controlled from the remote control. It has 3 speeds (you can see the difference in the video review, from 2:03), at the third speed it is the most frisky and I recommend using this speed in windy weather.

If the drone tends to any direction, it can be easily calibrated with the buttons on the remote control.

Eachine E58 Quadcopter Review

If you control the drone from your smartphone, it is not as responsive, there is a slight delay. What is the delay in transferring an image from a drone to a smartphone – you can see in the video review, from 3:21.

The drone can do flips (you can watch from 2:38). There is also a “headless” mode (works correctly).

The drone’s camera has two positions that are manually adjustable.

You can take photos and shoot videos in HD resolution (1280×720). The video is written without sound. Video examples can be viewed in the video review, starting at 2:59.

Photo examples:

Eachine E58 Quadcopter Review
Eachine E58 Quadcopter Review
Eachine E58 Quadcopter Review


In terms of autonomy, one battery charge is enough for an average of 7-8 minutes of flight, so I strongly recommend ordering a kit with 2-3 batteries.

It takes 2 hours to fully charge. During charging, the diode on the battery lights up red, and goes out when it is finished.

I liked the fact that the batteries are charged via the Micro-USB connector, so you can charge all the batteries at the same time (if you have cables).

Eachine E58 Quadcopter Review

Video review:


• compact size and light weight;
• you can control both remote control and smartphone;
• “headless” mode, flips;
• battery charging with Micro-USB cable;

! the auto return function does not work correctly.

You can buy the drone here:

• Banggood (Coupon BG20cb34 reduces the price of the 3 battery version to $50, valid until September 30th)
• AliExpress

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