DJI Has Launched Sales of Refurbished Equipment

DJI has launched sales of refurbished equipment

DJI has opened sales of refurbished equipment. For now, you can only buy
two pieces of equipment: a quadcopter and a camera.

DJI has launched sales of refurbished equipmentDJI has launched sales of refurbished equipment

For now
At the moment, not everyone will be able to buy restored equipment, but only residents of China. There is
Whether the company plans to expand to other regions is still unknown.

Now how
and above, only DJI Mini 3 Pro quadcopter and DJI camera are on sale
Pocket 2. Refurbished DJI Mini 3 Pro refurbished $575 to $700. Price
depends on the set. This price is 100-120 dollars lower than the cost
new such drone. And a refurbished Pocket 2 camera can be purchased from
$75 off.

DJI Company
noted that all devices were restored in several stages, before
how to get back on the market. Both devices have been used before. Same
clarify that the appearance of the devices may not be ideal (may
there are small scratches), but in technical terms – the devices are excellent
work. In addition, after purchasing a refurbished device on it, as well as
New, covered by warranty.

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