Digital World With DJI Terra – New Software

Digital World with DJI Terra - New Software

Digital World with DJI Terra - New Software

The Chinese company DJI is a recognized world leader in the production of video equipment, aerial photography technologies, microcontrollers, unmanned aerial vehicles, multiplayers. Recently, the brand introduced a new software – DJI Terra, capable of converting information from UAVs into maps and digital 3D models.

Innovative software will allow companies using DJI drones not only to receive, but also to analyze and visualize aerial photography for solving problems of varying complexity in the field of public safety, the film industry, agriculture, infrastructure, and construction.

The Digital World with DJI

“The company does not stop there, continuing to develop simple, affordable software hardware tools. DJI Terra has become one of the all-in-one solutions that can greatly facilitate the work while allowing you to gain a competitive advantage,” said Sunny Liao, CEO of DJI Enterprise. “The software will be useful in a variety of areas, from critical infrastructure inspection, accident reconstruction, to construction site simulation, agricultural field mapping.”


Automatic planning of UAV flights with the collection of information will provide many advantages.

  1. With the use of DJI Terra, it is now easy to plan routes along which drones will move in automatic modes.

  2. Various software settings allow you to set the necessary conditions for the flight of vehicles, taking into account the complexity of the studied areas and objects.



You can plan missions in different ways:

  • Area – it is enough to set the areas by drawing flight zones on the maps so that the software generates the necessary parameters of the flight trajectory;


  • Waypoint – allows you to create flight paths, both around objects and through areas, using adjustable parameters, waypoints (camera angles, heading, speed, altitude);


  • 3D Flight Visualization – makes it possible to model, design missions on an existing 3D model;


  • Oblique – allows you to get sets of information using multiple automatic flights along the same routes (all flights adjust the camera angle automatically, which allows you to get new details with high quality object models).


High quality 3D models and real-time mapping

With DJI Terra, pilots have been able to quickly create an orthophoto during drone flights, thanks to the mapping capabilities. This is an excellent solution when you need to perform an urgent task, in which awareness with quick decision making is an important factor.


The capabilities of the unique software will allow you to get realistic, clear ideas about various objects through detailed 3D modeling and orthophotography. The information obtained can be used to track work in the construction industry, reconstruction of accidents, and large-scale inspections of an important object.


Simple information analysis

Digital World with DJI Terra - New Software

In addition to the ability to create models, maps, the software will allow you to perform a simple analysis of the received data with the necessary calculations (volumes, areas, distances). This is made possible with easy-to-use tools.

In order to improve the communication of reports, teams, any current project can be edited with the addition of annotations.

DJI Terra allows you to carefully examine all the photos used to create models. The result is an accurate definition and highlighting of a critical error or damage.

The Phantom 4 RTK mapping drone is the best choice for using the DJI Terra software.

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