Created a Partially Edible Drone Designed to Deliver Food to Victims

Created a partially edible drone designed to deliver food to victims

A team of inventors, led by Bokeon Kwak, has created a partially edible drone to deliver food to people in a difficult situation.

Created a partially edible drone designed to deliver food to victimsCreated a partially edible drone designed to deliver food to victims

The drone is designed to deliver food and water to people in a critical situation. If a person is in a hopeless situation, and help cannot arrive in a short time, a drone with partially edible wings will help the victim hold out until rescuers arrive. This rescue drone can be used in disaster areas, mountains, seas, deserts, forests, etc.

While conventional “commercial drones” can carry a payload of 10-30 percent of their own mass, the payload of the invented fixed-wing drone is its own wings. Thus, the rescue drone, in good conscience, can be called “partially edible.” Its wings consist of rectangular rice cakes glued around the edges with edible gelatin (cornstarch or chocolate can also act as glue). To protect against moisture, which adversely affects the strength of the loaves, the wings of the drone are covered with removable panels made of thin, inedible plastic.

The wingspan of the rescue drone is a little less than seventy centimeters. “Cruising” speed – about forty kilometers per hour. The payload, which is bread wings and a small supply of water (there is about a hundred milliliters of drinking water in the onboard container of the drone), is approximately fifty percent of the total mass of the drone.

The food and drink supply of a drone cannot be called exquisite, of course, but the dry ration delivered by a drone will allow a person to hold out in a critical situation until help arrives.

The rescue drone can fly only one way (to a person in need of food and water). After completing its function, which is to deliver food, the drone will not be able to fly back, as its wings will simply be eaten.

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