Created a “conscious” Robot. He Understands Himself

Created a "conscious" robot.  He understands himself

Scientists have created a unique robot that is able to understand itself. In other words, the robot in the course of work uses a kinematic model of itself, which allows it not only to model, but also to plan its own movements. The robot can easily achieve its goals and avoid various obstacles. In addition, he can recognize the turns of his own body. A unique robot can be compared to babies who are trying to study their body, as well as the objects around it, and trying to understand where it is.

Scientists have posted a video online, so everyone can see the new unique robot in action.

5 video cameras were placed around the robot. Therefore, the robot was able to observe itself and its movements, as a person is able to observe his body through a mirror. During the observation process, the robot tried to make the maximum number of movements in order to understand how its robotic body is able to move in response to its commands. It took the robot about three hours to study its own movements, after which it stopped.

This ability is very important for a robot, because in the future each robot will be able to monitor its own wear and tear, and in the event of a breakdown, not only detect damage, but also repair it on its own.

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