Compare Mavic Quadcopters


DJI is famous for pro­duc­ing high qual­i­ty drones. Each of their prod­ucts is not infe­ri­or in qual­i­ty to pre­vi­ous mod­els. Let’s com­pare Mav­ic series drones and see which mod­el you should choose.



An unmanned aer­i­al device is per­fect for those peo­ple who have nev­er launched a device before. The quad­copter of this mod­el is the light­est of the entire series. With the help of the DJI Fly appli­ca­tion, it is very easy to under­stand the device.


Compare Mavic Quadcopters


Let’s take a look at the spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the device:

1. The machine weighs only 249 grams. Thus, this is the light­est quad­copter from the Mav­ic series. Also, due to its weight, the device does not need to be reg­is­tered in most coun­tries;

2. The drone has a high-qual­i­ty 3‑axis sta­bi­liz­er and a 12-megapix­el cam­era, which can take excel­lent pho­tos and videos. When shoot­ing a video, you will get clear shots and will be able to post the result­ing video on social net­works;

3. The quad­copter will be able to fly up to half an hour before you have to charge it;

4. The DJI Fly app allows you to cre­ate amaz­ing videos that will delight your fam­i­ly and friends. Any begin­ner will cope with the set­tings that are in the appli­ca­tion;

5. Thanks to the remote con­trol, the quad­copter can fly up to 2 km away from you;

6. The drone has a built-in visu­al sen­sor, as well as GPS sen­sors, allow­ing you to hov­er qui­et­ly in the air.


As you can see, the Mav­ic Mini is the small­est and light­est air­craft in the series. Using the device, you can eas­i­ly take pic­tures and make videos. Any begin­ner can eas­i­ly cope with the con­trols and with all the set­tings.


The sec­ond Mav­ic series quad­copter we’ll cov­er is the Mav­ic Air. The device has a fold­able body, so you can take it with you wher­ev­er you go. The drone is ready to please you with a high-qual­i­ty three-axis sta­bi­liz­er, as well as the abil­i­ty to record videos in 4K qual­i­ty at 30 frames per sec­ond. The built-in mem­o­ry of the device is 8 GB. Thus, you can store the cap­tured pho­tos and videos direct­ly on the device.


Compare Mavic Quadcopters


Let’s take a look at the spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the device:

1. The quad­copter has a fold­able body, which allows you to take it with you on a trip;

2. High-qual­i­ty 3‑axis sta­bi­liz­er makes it pos­si­ble to take the best pic­tures. If you are going to a ski resort or just want to cap­ture a beau­ti­ful sun­rise, then with a quad­copter you can do it with­out any prob­lems. You can shoot beau­ti­ful videos in 4K qual­i­ty at 30 frames per sec­ond;

3. The drone can fly 21 min­utes with­out recharg­ing;

4. The drone can shoot 25 frames in just a few sec­onds, putting them togeth­er into a mag­nif­i­cent panora­ma;

5. The Smart­Cap­ture func­tion allows you to con­trol the machine with sim­ple hand move­ments. You can quick­ly switch between shoot­ing modes;

6. The device has three opti­cal sen­sors that allow the drone to fly and land as safe­ly as pos­si­ble.


A drone is great for you if you trav­el fre­quent­ly. The device has a fold­able body, so the drone does not take up much space. This is a great pur­chase for expe­ri­enced users, as well as for begin­ners who decide to try out a quad­copter for the first time. In any case, you will undoubt­ed­ly be sat­is­fied with such an acqui­si­tion.


Mavic Pro Platinum


Com­pared to the pre­vi­ous mod­el, the Mav­ic Pro Plat­inum makes 60% less noise when mov­ing. In addi­tion, it flies longer than its pre­de­ces­sor. It is worth not­ing the fact that the device allows you to shoot video in 4K qual­i­ty. It is not a shame to show such videos on the social net­work to your friends and sub­scribers.

Compare Mavic Quadcopters

Let’s take a look at the spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the device:

1. The drone has an inter­est­ing sil­ver fin­ish that looks amaz­ing. In addi­tion, the device has a fold­ing body. If you are going on a trip, then just put the quad­copter in your bag;

2. High-qual­i­ty 3‑axis sta­bi­liz­er allows you to cap­ture clear footage. You can record videos in 4K qual­i­ty at 30 frames per sec­ond;

3. The unmanned aer­i­al device is capa­ble of fly­ing in the air for up to half an hour with­out recharg­ing;

4. Com­pared with Mav­ic Pro, this mod­el is 60% less noisy. All this became pos­si­ble thanks to spe­cial pro­pellers. Now you can enjoy the silent flight of your device;

5. The device uses the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy, allow­ing the quad­copter to move away from the own­er at a dis­tance of up to 4–7 km. At the same time, you will be able to main­tain video com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the device in a res­o­lu­tion of 720–1080p;

6. The unmanned aer­i­al vehi­cle has sen­sors that allow you to fly, hov­er in the air and land as safe­ly as pos­si­ble;

7. The device has a spe­cial tri­pod mode that allows you to take high-qual­i­ty pho­tos with smooth move­ments. Even with a par­tic­u­lar­ly dif­fi­cult maneu­ver, you will be able to pho­to­graph the sub­ject. You will be able to con­trol the quad­copter as accu­rate­ly as pos­si­ble.


If you are far from new to this busi­ness, then this unmanned aer­i­al vehi­cle is per­fect for you. You can have plen­ty of fun and take amaz­ing pho­tos and videos.


Mavic 2

Many peo­ple who have already tried this quad­copter claim that the device can be designed with the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy. Even in poor light­ing con­di­tions, you can take high-qual­i­ty pho­tos and videos with this device. The Mav­ic 2 Pro and Mav­ic 2 Zoom are ready to delight their own­ers with DJI’s most advanced tech­nol­o­gy.


Compare Mavic Quadcopters


Compare Mavic Quadcopters


It should be not­ed that there are some dif­fer­ences between the above two mod­els. Any­way, let’s take a look at the specs of the Mav­ic 2 drone:

1. Both of these mod­els have a fold­able body, which is espe­cial­ly use­ful when you want to trav­el. It is enough to place the quadro­copter in a bag, and you can eas­i­ly take the device with you on a trip;

2. High-qual­i­ty 3‑axis sta­bi­liz­er allows you to take clear pic­tures in any weath­er and light­ing con­di­tions. Even in poor light­ing con­di­tions, you can get high-qual­i­ty pho­tos and videos;

3. The Mav­ic 2 Pro quad­copter boasts the largest sen­sor ever in the Mav­ic series. Such a sen­sor allows you to shoot at night or in a poor­ly lit room;

4. The Mav­ic 2 Pro drone has a 10-bit Dlog‑M col­or pro­file. This means that the device is able to remove even faint­ly notice­able shades of col­ors. With the help of a drone, you can cap­ture the small­est details, which makes it pos­si­ble to get bet­ter and more beau­ti­ful pic­tures;

5. The Mav­ic 2 Pro quad­copter sup­ports 4K HDR 10bit. This makes it pos­si­ble to shoot movies with increased bright­ness and con­trast. Thus, the own­er will be able to get the most beau­ti­ful videos;

6. The Mav­ic 2 Zoom has a 12MP sen­sor. You can take pho­tos and videos at 4x zoom. This will allow you to roam with might and main when shoot­ing any objects;

7. Again, the Mav­ic 2 Zoom drone is equipped with a hybrid aut­o­fo­cus, which, even when the cam­era is far­ther away and clos­er, allows you to take the most clear shots;

8. Both mod­els are capa­ble of fly­ing for 31 min­utes with­out recharg­ing. It is worth not­ing that this fig­ure is the high­est to date among the Mav­ic series;

9. UAV pro­pellers are designed in such a way that the noise is min­i­mal when the device is fly­ing. You won’t even notice that the drone is in the air;

10. The Mav­ic 2 Zoom is ready to please with an inter­est­ing Quick­Shot mode. This mode allows you to make an incred­i­ble effect of expand­ing space;

11. The Mav­ic 2 Zoom quad­copter is capa­ble of cap­tur­ing ultra-high res­o­lu­tion pho­tos and videos. You will be able to cap­ture the max­i­mum of the small­est details in the frame. This will come in handy if you often shoot land­scapes, and in oth­er shoot­ing it will be very use­ful;

12. Drones have sen­sors to max­i­mize the safe­ty of the devices. You can not wor­ry about the quad­copter when it will fly in the air or make a land­ing;

13. Mod­els are able to mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy Ocu­Sync 2.0, which makes it pos­si­ble to trans­mit a sig­nal over a very long dis­tance. You can stream videos in the high­est qual­i­ty. There will be no inter­fer­ence.


If you are a pro­fes­sion­al who wants to get only high-qual­i­ty and beau­ti­ful pho­tos and videos, then the Mav­ic 2 quad­copters are per­fect for you. Drones have state of the art tech­nol­o­gy to cap­ture amaz­ing footage. Such frames will def­i­nite­ly be appre­ci­at­ed by your friends or sub­scribers.





All Mav­ic series mod­els are small in size, high in pow­er, and have excel­lent flight char­ac­ter­is­tics. To date, the Mav­ic series is very pop­u­lar.


If you’re going to be using a drone reg­u­lar­ly, then check out the Mav­ic Mini. This quad­copter has a weight of 249 grams, which makes it easy for you to reg­is­ter the drone.


If you’re a fre­quent trav­el­er and want to cap­ture great nature shots, then you need to get the Mav­ic Air. You can take pho­tos and videos in high qual­i­ty.


The Mav­ic Pro Plat­inum has excel­lent flight char­ac­ter­is­tics. If you like to watch the drone fly and maneu­ver, then the mod­el will def­i­nite­ly please you.


For pro­fes­sion­als who have been aer­i­al pho­tog­ra­phy for a long time, the Mav­ic 2 is per­fect. You will be sat­is­fied with the qual­i­ty of the pic­tures.


The Mav­ic series is a great choice for both the advanced user and the begin­ner. Every­one will be able to find the per­fect fly­ing device for them­selves.


By Yara