Cheap Eachine E520S Foldable Quadcopter Review With 4K Camera and GPS

Cheap Eachine E520S foldable quadcopter review with 4K camera and GPS

Hello! Today I want to share my opinion about the new Eachine E520S quadcopter, which has GPS and a camera on board. The camera, according to the manufacturer, shoots in 4K and of course we will check it with you. Plus, we are promised a flight time of around 16 minutes. This model also has Follow me, Headless and Fly around points of interest modes.

The quadcopter got to me battered. Who is to blame for this: the post office or the seller? I am inclined to believe that the seller could protect the parcel with a layer of polyethylene with air and nothing would happen to him. The box shows the quadcopter itself and small technical specifications. On one side, the resolution of the camera is 4K and the presence of wi-fi 5.8GHz.

Inside the quadrocopter is in a small container with a transparent lid.


  • control equipment
  • instruction
  • screw protection
  • screwdriver
  • micro usb charging cable
  • 2 spare propellers
  • quadrocopter

There in the instructions for the quadrocopter, but if you have a fluent knowledge of English, you can figure it out without any problems. There are color pictures in the instructions.

As I noted above, this Aliexpress camera quadcopter comes with 2 batteries. On the seller’s page, you can choose with one battery. Before us is a two-cell battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh and with a micro sub connector for charging. Very convenient for charging in the field after flights. They promise a flight time of 16 minutes on a single charge.

The quadcopter control equipment has a retractable phone mount to see through its screen where the quadcopter is flying, as well as to enable special flight modes and settings for altitude and flight radius. On top of the control equipment there are two antennas, and at the end there are buttons for turning on video recording and photo, increasing flight speed and flying in a circle. Above the left stick is the compass calibration button, then comes the Return to Home, Headless mode (control of the quadcopter regardless of where it is in front or back), the landing button and next to take off, and above the right stick, stop the motors.

Another feature of this Aliexpress quadcopter is the ability to fold the arms, which saves space when transporting.

The quadcopter itself is black and the plastic surface is matte. On top is the power button, and closer to the tail there is an inscription GPS.

A camera is placed under the front of the quadcopter. There is no stabilization here, just as there is no way to turn it around.

Above the camera are two white LEDs that are perfectly visible even in sunny weather.

The rear two motors have blue LED lights. The bottom of the case has ventilation holes for cooling the filling, and closer to the head is a slot for a micro sd memory card and antenna.

For a smartphone, there is an application that is installed using a QR code from the instructions. Only through the app can you activate the Follow Me and Fly around POI modes. And there is also such a mode as Flight by points that you set on the map. The application displays the distance and height, the number of satellites, the battery level, you can take a photo or turn on video recording.

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The flight of the Eachine E520s quadcopter and footage from the camera can be viewed in the video at the beginning of the review. From myself, I note that the camera does not produce the declared 4K. For flights, the picture is enough to see the situation in front of you. Frame drops start at 80-100 meters, but the maximum distance is about 200 meters. The flight time of the quadrocopter, depending on the speed, is up to 16 minutes. My quadcopter flew for 14-15 minutes in the third fastest mode without recording a video of the flight, but I did not use propeller protection. The GPS signal of the quadcopter keeps stable and returns to a point in the air when you push it. When the battery is low, the quadcopter takes off high and starts to move in the direction of the initial takeoff, and then starts to slowly descend. The error between takeoff and landing was about 1-1.5 meters.

As a result, I can say that you will not get an artistic video picture from this quadrocopter, so feel free to take a kit from a 720p camera and more batteries and cut through the air ahead.

A video review of the flight of the Eachine E520S quadrocopter and video from the camera can be viewed below

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