Accessories for OSMO Pocket

Accessories for OSMO Pocket

At the end of 2018, the new OSMO Pocket stabilizer appeared on the market, offering the professional market a new approach to working with cameras. A distinctive feature of the model is the amazing mobility of the device, which makes it easy to shoot video on the move, while getting a clear and smooth picture. To further improve the quality of shooting and ease of use, the manufacturer offers through various accessories for the stabilizer.

Accessories for OSMO Pocket

A small accessory that ensures perfect shooting accuracy. All you need to do is connect it to the OSMO Pocket and get the accuracy of stabilization and the ability to easily choose between the available modes. Switching between panoramic image and tilt is carried out through a miniature switch, and the wheel allows you to accurately change the position of the camera in the horizontal plane and in tilt angle by rotating it.


Viewing footage on the big screen, as well as remote control OSMO Pocket is no problem. This feature is implemented by a special wireless module connected to the stabilizer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Synchronization can be carried out both with mobile devices and the user’s PC.


Extremely simple setup of the module allows you to access a wide range of control functions by changing the position of the camera, adjusting the focus, setting the necessary settings. The presence of a USB-C slot allows you to recharge it directly during operation to increase the duration of continuous operation.


The presence of the ActiveTrack mode allows you to configure the stabilizer for circular tracking of the user, which is especially important for owners of their own blogs.


This mount allows you to easily install OSMO Pocket on a variety of surfaces, including helmets, selfie sticks, various motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. With it, you can keep the stabilizer with you even during the most extreme trips.


The kit includes ND4/8/16/32 filters to maintain the required level of light in various natural light conditions. Installation of filters will not take much time due to the convenient design of the stabilizer body.


This accessory guarantees the reliability of attachment to the OSMO Pocket smartphone. A standard mounting unit is not able to guarantee proper connection reliability in extreme shooting conditions, and the use of a mount allows you to solve this problem.


This set is a list of the most requested accessories to improve the usability of OSMO Pocket. Here is the controller, and remote controls, and memory cards, and mounts for various devices.


Waterproof case

For those who plan to use the OSMO Pocket for underwater shooting, the Waterproof case has been specially designed to ensure tightness. So far, the accessory is not on sale, but it has already successfully passed all the tests and will be announced in the public domain in the near future.


The collapsible tripod carries the camera controls, providing the proper level of convenience for working with OSMO Pocket.



One of the features of OSMO Pocket is its miniature size, which turns the stabilizer into an optimal device for those who record while traveling and in various extreme conditions. The proposed accessories allow not only to increase the amount of memory for storing records, but also to expand the management capabilities, to expand the variability of the conditions under which recording can be made.


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