6 Tips for Choosing a Quadcopter for a Child

6 tips for choosing a quadcopter for a child

Quadcopters are one of the latest technological hobbies that makes passers-by look at the apparatus buzzing in the sky, and simply delights the kids. Serious industrial drones are of great use in rescue and transport operations, in studying hard-to-reach regions, in covering large-scale news events. But ordinary people do not shy away from innovative technologies – they take amazing pictures of nature with the help of quadrocopters, observe the world around them, and even send small parcels to each other. Such a craze for drones has forced drone manufacturers to develop models for a very young audience, of course, taking into account the age and skills of the kids.

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Why does a child need a quadcopter?

Many parents believe that the sooner their child gets closer to progressive technologies, the more he will be adapted to them in the future. Buying a quadrocopter, albeit a childish, simplified model, will allow the baby to acquire not only an exciting hobby, but also quite serious skills:

  • “Adult” approach to safety and responsibility. After all, a drone is not a simple toy that a child does not let go of. When operating a small drone, you need to take into account that it can harm the baby himself, other people, and animals. Therefore, the most important task for parents is to teach the child the rules of safety and the upbringing of responsibility. By teaching children to understand danger, parents build in them the ability to assess possible risks in the future – not only with playing a quadcopter.
  • The first drone flights are usually performed by children with adults. It is then that the child receives simplified information about the principles of the flight of aircraft. And this is not a dry theory – he will put into practice the knowledge gained by launching his quadrocopter and controlling it.
  • All flying drones, even for children, are rather complex electronic devices. They need regular maintenance and care. Children get used to take care of their toy, examine the design more carefully, learn to notice technical problems.
  • Despite the fact that children’s quadcopters have a limited set of functions, they can be additionally equipped with various devices. Changing the parameters of your device will become a real research task for any child, it will captivate him, enrich him with new skills.

Over time, interest in controlling a quadcopter may develop into interest in its software products, give a direction to specialized training and, it is possible, a future profession.

Children's quadrocopters

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The main criteria for choosing a quadrocopter

Having decided to buy a quadcopter for a child, you need to think about which model will be the most attractive and relatively easy to manage for him. Manufacturers develop models according to age categories.

For preschoolers they make bright and elegant devices with minimal functions. Since the baby does not know how to calculate the impact force when the device collides with an obstacle, the drone must be durable, the propeller and protective frame are made of flexible plastic, and access to the electronic filling is difficult. In addition, the weight of the device should not be large, because children can grab a flying quadcopter, and here it is important to prevent injury to the child. For example, an excellent choice for a preschooler would be the Auldey Drone Force Morph-Zilla drone, which not only flies, but also easily transforms into a ground vehicle.

Another important parameter of a children’s drone is the availability of spare parts and the ease of their replacement. The kid will definitely be interested in flights that will be regarded by adults as crash tests, then the fuselage and blades of the apparatus may suffer. In addition, there is always a risk that the device will simply fall off the shelf or fall under the feet of the child. The developers recommend choosing non-speedy, light and easy-to-operate devices for kids so that such a toy does not get bored due to the difficulty of piloting.

Auldey Drone Force Morph-Zilla model

For younger students you should choose more technically complex models that are already slightly larger. Here you already need to look closely at the device with two or three speeds and a large flight radius. The presence of airborne photography is not yet necessary, but such a drone should be able to perform complex tricks and various figures. It is better to choose a model with dual controls so that adults can help land or return the quadcopter. The child will be pleased with the Auldey Drone Force Angler Attack drone model not only with an unusual look, but also with the opportunity to arrange a real show with bright lights.

Auldey Drone Force Toddler Model Explorer and Angler Attack Protector

For ten year olds with already formed coordination of movements and a good eye, models with variable speed, height and the presence of video equipment on board are more suitable. They become interested in the insides of a quadrocopter, its hidden features, first-person flights. The functionality of such drones is already wider, they are equipped with all kinds of sensors, auto return and several speeds. Their flight radius has been increased – up to 100-150 m. A good option could be the WL Toys Q212G FPV Spaceship quadrocopter with a barometer and an FPV system – an interesting novelty with the ability to broadcast online to the control panel monitor.

For schoolchildren: WL Toys Q212G FPV Spaceship quadcopter

Teenagers 14-15 years old they are beginning to take a serious interest not only in the flight parameters and capabilities of drones, but also in their electronic device. Managing the apparatus sometimes develops into entertaining training. Small breakages like broken wires or minor damage to the motor, they may want to fix themselves. In such cases, it is important to explain to the child that his intervention in the design of the quadcopter can “nullify” the warranty for the device.

Some schoolchildren are so addicted to a new hobby that they try to assemble their own copters from parts and load simple software into them. Over time, even more complex and sophisticated models will not be difficult for them. They are quite suitable for such a device as the Syma quadcopter, which stably holds the height even in the wind and is capable of incredible aerobatics.

Advanced model for teenagers Syma 2.4 GHz 50 cm with camera (X8HG)

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So, what indicators become the most significant when buying a children’s drone?

  1. Child’s age. Bright, luminous, sometimes made in the form of funny animals, devices with simple controls – for kids 5-7 years old, more complex ones – for younger schoolchildren and with almost complete “adult” functionality – for teenagers;
  2. Quadcopter protective elements. For kids, models with mandatory protection of the blades are suitable, it is optimal to purchase devices in which the screws are placed in a special case – then they will not be damaged when they fall or hit the wall;
  3. Motor power. This indicator determines whether the drone can withstand the wind or whether it should be launched in calm weather so as not to lose it during strong squalls;
  4. Battery. It determines how long the quadcopter can stay in flight. Quite children’s devices can fly only 15 minutes, since large capacitive batteries are not placed in them. For teenagers, it is more correct to look after a model that can hold out in the sky for at least 40 minutes;
  5. Quadcopter size. Toddlers prefer nano or mini models – they can even be run in the room. For the street, you need bigger devices – they have a larger flight radius, and it’s easier to follow large models. In addition, a large drone must have enough strength to lift a camera and other equipment;
  6. Availability of an on-board video system. If a child is fond of photography or wants to observe the world around him, you should look at devices with built-in photographic equipment or the possibility of attaching it.

In any case, a quadcopter for a child should have clear, simple controls, have a solid design and have optimal functionality for a certain age category.

Here are comparative data of quadcopters for teenagers:

Toy or serious hobby?

When buying a baby drone for a kid, it’s ridiculous to say that parents are preparing a child to work on airplanes or rockets. But it is also wrong to evaluate quadrocopters as simple fun. He teaches the child not only to control the apparatus, but also to calculate a safe trajectory, pave a difficult path, and quickly respond to emergency situations.

At an older age, children tend to influence the flight parameters of the copter, trying to improve the design. For some teenagers, the passion for aerodynamic devices develops into a real, exciting job, becomes a professional business that brings pleasure and money.

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