The use of the copter gave many oppor­tu­ni­ties for shoot­ing the most unusu­al pho­tos. And if you are going on vaca­tion with friends, be it the sea or hik­ing in the moun­tains, be sure to bring such equip­ment with you. Our sim­ple tips will help improve the qual­i­ty of your pho­tos. So let’s try to cre­ate a cou­ple of flaw­less aer­i­al shots! The review uses pho­tographs by Christoph Ober­schnei­der tak­en with the DJI Mav­ic Pro.


1. Remove any sport

Top-notch action shots come from film­ing a vol­ley­ball game with friends, or a son play­ing ten­nis. The cun­ning and intri­cate actions of ath­letes, elu­sive when shoot­ing from the ground, can always be caught from the air. And if you shoot them from unusu­al angles, then the pic­tures will obvi­ous­ly be orig­i­nal. No need to stand still and obsess over ath­letes, you can find the per­fect back­drop for a stun­ning effect.

6 aerial photography ideas

2. Share the majestic view

There are many places where you can see the sprawl­ing expans­es of nature, or the land­scape of city streets and majes­tic build­ings. Vis­it the old city, where you will sure­ly find ideas for film­ing. It can be not only noisy, but also a seclud­ed place where the copter will film you from behind walk­ing for­ward. The view from a hill, moun­tain, or high-rise build­ing will allow you to be on top of the world, and at the same time see and cap­ture an amaz­ing pic­ture.


3. Use water for the background

A tru­ly remark­able view is obtained when shoot­ing your­self or oth­ers against the back­drop of the sea, riv­er, lake or pool. In order not to get lost on the water sur­face, you should take bright props. It can be a bathing cap, inflat­able toys and rub­ber cir­cles. And if you place them cor­rect­ly, then you will look great in the frame.

6 aerial photography ideas6 aerial photography ideas

4. Shoot different shapes

Unusu­al things often attract atten­tion. You can ask friends to lie on the ground and draw let­ters so that the words can only be read from above. You can tram­ple or make crop cir­cles with stones, just like the UFO does. It is allowed to use var­i­ous objects, and lay them out in a spe­cial way. You should lie down on the ground and pre­tend that you are run­ning away.

6 aerial photography ideas6 aerial photography ideas

5. Take action shots

You can add dra­ma to the frame. To do this, it is advis­able to lie on the edge of a sheer cliff, and pho­to­graph the gap­ing abyss. The orig­i­nal pho­to is obtained due to the 3D effect — it sig­nif­i­cant­ly enlivens the pic­ture, and makes the view­er dive into the image.


6. Get out in nature more often

Maybe you did­n’t hit the glac­i­ers this year and could­n’t trav­el across the ocean, but you can still find great views in the back­yard of the house. You can cap­ture your adven­tures in pho­tog­ra­phy. Whether you’re swing­ing or start­ing a fire, launch your air­craft into the air and shoot at a fast shut­ter speed.

6 aerial photography ideas

6 aerial photography ideas

Advice from the author

Be always calm! To make your trip a suc­cess, you should pre­pare for it in advance. Con­sid­er your options, and even the lim­i­ta­tions that might cre­ate prob­lems. When trav­el­ing, you should not wor­ry, but cau­tion does not hurt.



By Yara