With DJI’s advanced sta­bi­liza­tion sys­tems, vlog­ging photo/video footage has been tak­en to a whole new lev­el. To improve the qual­i­ty of your con­tent, you need to choose the right device for film­ing. For exam­ple, if you upload videos every day, pay atten­tion to OSMO Mobile 2. The Ronin‑S mod­el will allow you to shoot pro­fes­sion­al videos. But OSMO Pock­et will appeal to those who need an ultra-com­pact device.

OSMO Mobile 2. 5 tips to improve your blog

No mat­ter what you’re shoot­ing, DJI is always hap­py to offer the right sta­bi­liz­er and help­ful tips to help you cre­ate qual­i­ty social media con­tent.

1) Storytelling

Every blog­ger knows that fol­low­ers love amaz­ing sto­ries. At the same time, it is impor­tant to fol­low the sequence of the sto­ry so that peo­ple do not lose the thread of what is hap­pen­ing and inter­est in the blog. An ordi­nary walk can be turned into an excit­ing quest if you show your imag­i­na­tion. The main thing is that the sto­ry does not vio­late the gen­er­al con­cept of your blog. Use dif­fer­ent fram­ing tech­niques (like B‑Roll) and don’t for­get to do a short text review under each such post.

OSMO Mobile 2. 5 tips to improve your blog

2) Follow the style and posting schedule

Loy­al sub­scribers demand per­sis­tence in return. It doesn’t mat­ter how often you upload your videos, the main thing is to do it clear­ly on sched­ule (that is, at the same time). Also, you should not devi­ate from your own style, which, most like­ly, your read­ers have already man­aged to fall in love with.

OSMO Mobile 2. 5 tips to improve your blog

3) Brevity is the sister of talent

Nobody likes to watch long and bor­ing videos. Learn how to prop­er­ly com­pose and process your video to make it short but mean­ing­ful. Watch how your blog­ger idols do it, or come up with your own unique tech­nique.

4) The camera loves the confident

If you are a begin­ner video blog­ger, then try rehears­ing in front of a mir­ror first. Then you can shoot a video with fam­i­ly or friends. After that, you can move on to a wider audi­ence (for exam­ple, arrange a shoot in the yard or in the park). After a few prac­tice ses­sions, you’ll get used to the cam­era and feel like you’re ready to shoot a real vlog.

OSMO Mobile 2. 5 tips to improve your blog

5) What about the sound?

When pur­chas­ing a new cam­corder, be sure to pur­chase an addi­tion­al noise-can­cel­ing micro­phone with a wind­screen to go with it. After all, if your videos have an amaz­ing pic­ture, an inter­est­ing plot, but a ter­ri­ble sound, then this will scare away most of the sub­scribers. Remem­ber that good sound can increase the suc­cess of a video by 50%!


By Yara