Unusual Constructor From Your Own Photo

unusual constructor from your own photo

Today, an interesting and unusual picture called RingString came to my table. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that RingString is the world’s first picture with threads collected from any of your photos. To do this, just upload your photo and get instructions for assembling it. Sit back, let’s get to know each other.

unusual constructor from your own photo

When ordering a RingString painting, we receive a finished product placed in a shipping box.

We extract from it the factory packaging in dark colors.

Inside the package there is a panel with carnations, a spool of thread, as well as a kit for assembling a thread holder and a phone stand. A feature of the factory packaging is that it transforms into a kind of easel, allowing you to immediately plunge into the assembly of your picture.

Preparation for assembly is described in paper instructions in 2 languages: and English. After assembling the frame, we move on to assembling the thread holder and smartphone stand, which are also described in the booklet.

To create your own painting, a black nylon thread with a thickness of 0.12mm and a length of 5km is used. For the entire time of assembling the picture, the thread has never been torn, which indicates its quality and strength. We fix the spool of thread on the holder and fix it in the upper part of the panel. The panel itself is a square sheet of MDF with rounded edges and a white film applied to it.

Now that the easel is ready for assembly, let’s move on to uploading our photo to the RingString service. To do this, you need to enter the code from the instructions in the appropriate section, after which the photo upload tab will become available.

unusual constructor from your own photo

The web interface provides 3 image options to choose from with the ability to crop, rotate the image, adjust the density and contrast, I chose the first option, as the more is more balanced and detailed.

The next step is to decide on the build method:

  1. using PDF instructions that can be printed;
  2. by mobile phone and online voice instruction.

We were also interested in the second option, since the estimated assembly time is stated at 6 hours, and when working with a smartphone, you can plunge into meditative music and voice prompts.

Therefore, we open the link on a mobile phone and get into the main menu of the RingString web interface. Here we have access to setting the speed of the appearance of prompts, the choice of music and the voice of the assistant. We configure all the necessary parameters and click Play, after which the assistant gets acquainted with us and notifies all further actions. For ease of orientation, the picture provides a graphical display of the direction of the thread, but after a couple of tens of minutes you will already do it intuitively, perceiving everything only by ear.

The available settings from the menu allow you to select:

  • voice: male or female
  • music: 5 options and its complete shutdown
  • language: , English, German, Spanish
  • build step: in case the application closes or if you get lost at some point

We return to our picture, install the smartphone on the stand and proceed to the assembly. Here it is necessary to clarify that the substrate must be removed before the assembly begins and this is written on the substrate itself, but I missed this point. So after 300 stitches I made up for my omission and removed the backing.

The entire basis of the panel is divided into 4 sectors of 60 nails each. The letter is the sector number, the number is the nail number.

The assembly process itself is captivating and addictive, although we were initially skeptical and were not designed for quick assembly. But the desire to see the end result took over and we continued to collect RingString, not paying attention to time.

Somewhere in the middle of the assembly, the eyes began to emerge, and then the rest of the facial features. The last 500 stitches were spent creating the facial expressions of the lips and the smile. After 6 hours and 20 minutes, the picture was assembled, and we breathed a sigh of relief. By the way, the rest of the threads allows you to collect 2 more paintings, so if you wish, you can disassemble and assemble a new picture after a while. Therefore, a stencil indicating the numbers of nails and sections should not be thrown away.

After the picture is assembled, you need to tie a couple of knots on the last carnation. Congratulations, the process of creating a picture with RingString threads is over, it’s time to remove the panel from the easel. And here we are in for a surprise from the manufacturer in the form of a company logo in the lower right corner. Finished view and several different angles:

Since the RingString is primarily a picture, the manufacturer has provided a wall mount on the reverse side. The size of the panel is 50*50cm, the diameter of the painting itself is 46cm, the base material is MDF.

A picture made of RingString threads fits perfectly into any modern interior, adding zest to its unusual appearance and performance. Now any of the guests always pays attention, is interested in the assembly process and the possibility of purchasing for self-assembly. After that, we can say that the manufacturer’s task was completed on 5+.

unusual constructor from your own photo

As a result, I can say the following, a picture of RingString threads will be an excellent gift for any person and will not leave him without impressions. The assembly process is meditative and relaxing, the last third of the whole process, the spouse assembled the picture at a speed of 2.75, which indicates a high involvement and immersion in the process. So if you are thinking about whether to take RingString or not, I can definitely say that it is worth it!
And with the promo code IXBT22 you can get a 15% discount on the set.

If you are interested in the topic of constructors and creating pictures in an unusual way, then I recommend that you read my review of the endless Mozabrick constructor at this link.

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