Recent­ly, a new MARVEL robot­ic dog was intro­duced, which, accord­ing to the idea of ​​​​the devel­op­ers, can move along walls and even ceil­ings. The only thing is that the walls and ceil­ings must be met­al. The fact is that the robot­ic dog is equipped with mag­nets, which help him to stay on the met­al sur­face.

Robodog learned to walk on the walls (video)

Inter­est­ing­ly, mag­nets have a spe­cial func­tion — they can be both demag­ne­tized and mag­ne­tized if nec­es­sary. Out­ward­ly, the devel­op­ment resem­bles some­thing of a robot­ic dog. It has four met­al paws and a trans­par­ent body. There­fore, you can observe the inter­nal details of the robot.

Robodog learned to walk on the walls (video)

The main secret of the new devel­op­ment is that each met­al paw clings to a cer­tain point and keeps on it with the help of mag­net­ism. At this time, the robot­ic dog rearranges oth­er met­al paws, which allows him to move around.

In addi­tion, the robot­ic dog can not only move, but also notice obsta­cles in its path and avoid them. And also the devel­op­ment can car­ry up to three kg of any car­go.


By Yara