Presented Flying at a Speed of 250 Km / H “Chaise Longue”

Presented flying at a speed of 250 km / h "chaise longue"

A very original manned drone with a fairly robust design is presented. On board there is one seat for the pilot, which is made of carbon fiber. Because of its so interesting appearance, which reminds many of an ordinary deck chair on the Internet, the novelty was called the flying “chaise lounge”. The drone is equipped with ten air-jet engines that help it rise and stay in the air. In addition, the drone has a fairly good speed up to 250 km / h and maneuverability, it can even do various tricks in the air, such as somersaults. However, due to safety concerns, the drone has to do the stunts on its own, without a passenger.

The peak altitude that the drone managed to reach is 3,000 meters. The novelty can carry various loads, the only condition is that the weight of the load should not exceed 200 kg. It is not difficult to control a flying “chaise lounge”, it can be done both remotely and autonomously.

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