Overview of the “Seagull” GAZ-13 Format 1:46: Disassembly and Assembly of the Model

Overview of the "Seagull" GAZ-13 format 1:46: disassembly and assembly of the model

In this review, I will show the view of the car from all sides, see what mechanisms are moving in the car. We will completely disassemble the car and do the assembly step by step. An overview of the Chaika GAZ 13 model will be of interest to those who were able to disassemble, but could not assemble the car.

Overview of the


  • Tour of the appearance of the car “Chaika GAZ 13” 1:43 format
    • Internal review of the machine “Seagull”
  • General view of the machine from all sides
  • Model disassembly and assembly step by step
    • The process of assembling the machine “Seagull GAZ 13 format 1:43
    • Insert the trunk and taillights
    • Assembling the front of the car “Seagull”
  • Parameters of GAZ 13 “Seagull” in 1:43 format
  • History – final section
Tour of the appearance of the car “Chaika GAZ 13” 1:43 format

The car is made of metal: the body, the bottom and some internal fasteners. The glass in the car covers the front, rear windshield and captures an additional small rear window. Plastic elements are inserts painted with chrome, as well as front, bumper and front grille along with headlights. The rear brake lights are red, also made of plastic.

The car has 4 doors and a trunk. The hood of the car is unfortunately closed and cannot be opened. This design has been done. If you disassemble the car, you can understand why the front hood of the car does not open, but more on that later in the article.

The bottom is made simply, several details are applied: springs, driveshaft and front, rear axle of the chassis. The name of the car is written, made in the USSR, the format and catalog number are A 15. In principle, each model has similar information.

Overview of the
Internal review of the machine “Seagull”

The entire interior of the car is made of white plastic, the front panel along with the steering wheel. If you look at a real GAZ 13 car, the steering wheel in it is also white. Why they made black in the model is not clear. The cabin has 3 rows of seats. The middle seats are movable and recline. This was noticed during the disassembly of the model.

Overview of the

Black trunk. There is nothing in it, although there should be a spare wheel. I looked at the photo of cars in reality where there is a spare tire, where it is not. In our case, the trunk without wheels. Black plastic small square, which is fixed by the trunk. This must be the number and series of the vehicle. I looked at real cars there, the numbers are rectangular.

Overview of the
General view of the machine from all sides
Model disassembly and assembly step by step

If you dismantled the Chaika GAZ 13 car and could not assemble it, then review the second part of the review carefully. Indeed, the assembly of this model is not simple. After two bolts were unscrewed and the lower part of the car was removed, everything fell apart and such a photograph was formed.

Overview of the

As you can see, this not a simple designer has a lot of details. I thought it would be easy to put together as well as take apart. When everything fell apart, there were doubts that I could put this model back together. Having little experience in assembling this format of cars, I assembled the “Seagull” in about 20 minutes.

The wheels didn’t come off by themselves, I took them apart myself. The front door block did not disassemble, but pulled out as is. I was struck by the rear bumper. It is clearly visible in the photo near the back of the car painted in chrome. We see that even the taillights are removed, and the front end just crumbled into 4 parts.

The process of assembling the machine “Seagull GAZ 13 format 1:43

First of all, we turn over the metal body and see why the front trunk does not open.

Overview of the

The front panel of the Torpedo interferes, which must be inserted together with the front doors like this.

Then we install the white plastic interior in its place so that it does not move.

Overview of the

Next, put the rear doors in place and reinforce them with a plastic beam.

Overview of the

The beam should be put on the metal fingers of the rear doors, and the beam should sit in its place – like this.

Overview of the
Insert the trunk and taillights

Important! The entire body of the car should not be in your hands on weight until the trunk is assembled. Put it on the table upside down and collect everything to the heap in this position. If you turn it over, all the work is down the drain and you start collecting again. Put the car on the end of the front end as much as possible and set the small square so that two teeth are under the trunk.

Overview of the

We install the rear bumper and put a metal plate on it so that the black paint looks up. Install the two pieces so that they align with the threaded hole for the bolt.

If you decide to disassemble the wheels, then it’s time to put them back together and install them on the fangs.

Assembling the front of the car “Seagull”

And so we collected the back. Now you need to assemble the front of the car, which consists of 4 plastic parts: 2 side plates, bumper and grille along with headlights.

First of all, install the side inserts (wing fenders).

Now carefully attach the grille with the headlights and put the bumper on top. It is worth holding the grate a little because it can easily get out of its place.

Overview of the

Install the bumper as shown in the pictures so that the bolt holes line up with the bumper hole.

We put rubber on the wheel rims and put the front chassis on plastic fangs.

Overview of the

The car is almost complete. It remains to impose the bottom and tighten it with two bolts. We take the bottom of the car and apply it carefully starting from the back of the body.

When all the gaps matched, slightly press the bottom so that it is flush with the rear and front of the body.

Overview of the

We tighten the bolts in front and back of the car. The front part is screwed with a bolt, which is smaller in diameter than the rear.

This completes the assembly of the Chaika car. This is what my model looks like after assembly.

Overview of the

I hope everything worked out for you, and now your model can take its rightful place in the interior.

Parameters of GAZ 13 “Seagull” in 1:43 format

Full length: 13cm

Car front width: 4.4 cm

Auto rear width: 4.3cm

Machine weight: 204 g

History – final section

Car purchased around 1988 or ’89 in Saratov. The store where this model was bought was then filled with a variety of cars in the windows. From the date of purchase to the present day, the car remains in this form as it is. There is some peeling paint due to age. The photo shows yellowed wheel rims, apparently the glue on which the caps are held turned yellow.

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