“Little Rogue” – Scale 24 RC Crawler HBX-2098B

"Little rogue" - scale 24 RC crawler HBX-2098B

1/24 scale review of the small RC crawler HBX Devastator: four-wheel drive, four steerable wheels (4WS) and excellent cross-country ability.
First, it’s probably worth explaining what a “crawler” is.
Crawlers or in English “Rock Crawler” are special machines with a special bending chassis that allows them to overcome incredible obstacles. These are slow machines for climbing huge rocks. It is characterized by huge ground clearance, the same huge suspension travel, low speed.
This class of machines is designed exclusively for accurate and leisurely overcoming obstacles.

The machine comes in such a fairly large box. As you can see, the box endured all the hardships of delivery quite well, tk. Virtually no deformation is visible.

Delivery set – machine, control panel, charger, instructions and a set of additional stickers on the machine’s crust

The instruction is in English, compiled and illustrated in sufficient detail.

Sticker set

Charging immediately European type, no adapter needed. Designed to be connected to a special socket in the machine, according to the information on the sticker, it produces 600 mA at a current of 7.2 volts.

The device provides a status indication – during charging, the LED lights up red, after the end the color changes to green

The remote control does not have an external antenna, operates at a frequency of 2.4GHz

Powered by 3 AA batteries

The “steering” wheel of the remote control is completely plastic, i.e. it does not have a special rubber or foam “tire” for ease of control

The controls on the remote control, when viewed from the bottom up, are located as follows:
— power on/off;
– LED indicators for power and connection
– button for switching wheel control modes (short press), binding (long press);
– forward / backward and right / left reverse switches;
— trimmers of servmashinok and a course regulator;
– wheel control mode indicators.

Now let’s take a look at the machine itself.

The machine has a fairly compact size, only 19.00 x 12.50 x 10.50 cm

To make it completely clear – a photo with a matchbox))

As mentioned above, the machine has a permanent four-wheel drive, the shock absorbers, apparently, are not oily, very soft

An aluminum alloy frame is hidden under the crust, on which all components and assemblies of the machine are installed.

The frame is assembled from several plates. They are interconnected by screws through special spacers.

Wheels with rubber tires, inside, apparently, there is nothing but air

The peel is tightly fastened with four metal clips.

All electronics, including the battery, are assembled in one block

The machine switch is located next to the charging socket.

Suspension travel is soft and fairly large

Since the class of the car involves overcoming obstacles, the entire design is designed for maximum tipping resistance and allows you to perform such interesting “twisting”

All, and not just the front, wheels of the machine are steerable. The modes are switched on the remote control. This is what all possible wheel rotation options look like

A charged battery lasts approximately 30-40 minutes depending on the intensity of the race, the charging time is approximately 40-50 minutes. The maximum speed of the car is comparable to a leisurely walk of a person, so it is not at all suitable for racing competitions (although it is not designed for this)

On this mini-crawler, you can ride around the house, arranging tracks from household utensils and various boxes, and if you get out into the street, then thanks to the small size of the machine, any hole or bump turns into a big obstacle for it

Small video of rides

If you are not a fan of high speeds and you are more in the spirit of a calm, deliberate ride, then you will definitely like this machine, especially since in order to drive it, it is absolutely not necessary to look for any large open places; arrange even in a small room, even in a sandbox or on a playground – this little “rogue” will find an obstacle everywhere that he will proudly overcome …

Thank you for your attention.

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