Hel­lo. Today let’s look at the freight train from Lep­in, which is a com­plete ana­logue of the pop­u­lar LEGO rail­way set.

The set includes a 108-page man­u­al with good col­or­ful print­ing. In terms of qual­i­ty and clar­i­ty, the instruc­tions are in no way infe­ri­or to LEGO sets. The assem­bly was num­bered 02009, while the orig­i­nal was issued under the num­ber 60098. The back of the instruc­tions shows the game his­to­ry.

The set includes 10 straight and 14 round­ed rails for the com­po­si­tion to make a cir­cle. I ordered 60 more straight rails from the same sell­er to cov­er the whole room with rail­road tracks, but only 10 extra rails arrived, so I have to wait anoth­er two weeks. By the way, the length of one block of rails is 15 cm. For fans of LEGO trains, on AliEx­press you can order a huge num­ber of very cheap rail mod­ules and build a huge rail­way. Link to the cheap­est rails with Aliex­press.

The set comes with­out a box, but it has a fair­ly good pack­ag­ing that will not allow the parts to break dur­ing the deliv­ery process. The set is ful­ly motor­ized. To do this, the set includes a motor­ized wheelset, a receiv­er for the remote con­trol, the remote con­trol itself and a com­part­ment for six bat­ter­ies that pow­er the train. Also, three bat­ter­ies are required to pow­er the remote con­trol.

The kit involves the assem­bly of a red lead loco­mo­tive, which weighs almost half a kilo­gram, so in order for the train to go fast, you will need to buy pow­er­ful bat­ter­ies or accu­mu­la­tors. The length of the loco­mo­tive, mea­sured by the wheel­base, is as much as 27 cm.

The struc­ture includes a long plat­form that car­ries an exca­va­tor. This is one of the eas­i­est rolling stock com­po­nents to assem­ble in a set. Both buck­ets move at the exca­va­tor, which, accord­ing to the set, should unload crushed stone from the next car.

Fur­ther, the heav­i­est car in the com­po­si­tion, which con­tains the largest num­ber of parts. The car trans­ports and unloads crushed stone or coal; for this, the car has two open­ing unload­ing blocks and an open roof for load­ing mate­r­i­al. Accord­ing to the game idea, this wag­on unloads the crushed stone into a spe­cial pit, after which the exca­va­tor cap­tures the crushed stone and trans­ports it to the con­struc­tion of the cross­ing.

The last is the small­est and sim­plest cart car­ry­ing a heli­copter. It is not entire­ly clear how the heli­copter refers to the “game leg­end”. There is an assump­tion that the heli­copter coor­di­nates the work on the repair and con­struc­tion of var­i­ous kinds of objects.

A sep­a­rate ele­ment of the assem­bly is a crane that allows you to load crushed stone into the car. The crane is on the plat­form and can move with­in it. Next to it is a sep­a­rate plat­form where the unload­ing of brought mate­ri­als is car­ried out. Crane buck­ets can be replaced with a hook for lift­ing and mov­ing a heli­copter.

Final­ly, the kit includes a small cross­ing with two sem­a­phores, made of two slop­ing mod­ules and smooth parts. It is nec­es­sary to install the cross­ing between two straight rails, oth­er­wise the train on the turn can touch the edges of the cross­ing with its wheels and even go off the rails.

As a result, the set is very good and can be safe­ly rec­om­mend­ed for pur­chase, as it is four times cheap­er than the orig­i­nal from LEGO, and the qual­i­ty of the parts prac­ti­cal­ly does not affect the game mechan­ics. As for the rails, here you can save on their qual­i­ty by order­ing from Chi­na. More details can be found in the video review. Thank you for your atten­tion. Good luck and good mood to all. Bye.

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